Recently Read: When Large Church Pastors take the #UMC hostage

hackingchristianityThis morning Jeremy Smith followed up on our story about the group of conservative pastors consulting on the divisions in the church we posted a day or so ago. He’s been analyzing the tea leaves to offer some suggestions about who is involved and who was the intended audience for the original press release:

There have been two separate letters sent before this one: One in 2011 and another in 2012. So this isn’t a new thing for this group that we’ll call FaithfulUMC, based on their original two letters. They write letters and get lots of people to sign onto them to exert pressure on a particular group of people who are most likely to be swayed by public opinion. Thus, you have no reason to feel any fear over the letter because you were not the intended audience.The audience of this letter, like the two before it, is the Council of Bishops. The CoB meets twice a year, and one of those times is a smaller group: only the active bishops are meeting in the first part of May 2014. Little wonder that the FaithfulUMC crowd this time around has targeted the once a year meeting when the pesky retired-and-less-intimidated bishops aren’t around to interfere.

via When Large Church Pastors take the #UMC hostage | Hacking Christianity.

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Wes Andrews
Wes Andrews

Mr. Smith surmises that the point of the “letters” from these “white” pastors (and their churches) is “intimidation.” I would suggest that they are requiring accountability from their Bishops and the leadership in the Annual Conferences. It is the progressives who are using intimidation against the church, not the “conservatives.”

Gary Bebop
Gary Bebop

Any resistance to “progressive” aims will now be labeled “intimidation.” This is a sad descent into terminological nihilism. These rude re-characterizations of reality should be considered for what they are: calimnous fictions.

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