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Good News responds to Schaefer reinstatement

Good News, an evangelical caucus of United Methodists who have advocated for a more traditionalist interpretation of scripture around human sexuality, have released a response to the reinstatement of the Rev. Frank Schaefer by the Northeastern Jurisdiction Committee on Appeals yesterday. “This ruling is unfortunate and will only add to the chaos engulfing The United […]

Recently Read: Frank Schaefer Reinstated

The Rev. Frank Schaefer, who was stripped of his ministerial credentials in a church trial in summer of 2013 has been reinstated by Jurisdictional Committee on Appeals.

Lessons to Be Learned from the 1844 “Plan of Separation”

The premise of this column, like the last one, is predicated on a wisdom saying of George Santyana, professor at Harvard:, “If we do not know history, we are condemned to repeat it.” we ignore our past to our chagrin and regret. Therefore, I ask you to see in our past the dynamics of our […]

Wesley Bros: Fetter Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

Click on image to view full screen he Moravian faith significantly impacted John and Charles Wesley’s personal faith as well as the theology of the Methodist movement.  Peter Bohler worked closely with John and then Charles for a few months.  He was a Moravian concerned with the Wesley Bros’ assurance of faith based solely on […]

Frank Schaefer Appeal Hearing

The nine-member Northeastern Jurisdiction Committee on Appeals has wrapped up nearly 3 hours of testimony and questioning, and the fate of Frank Schaefer now rests in their hands. The committee, meeting near Baltimore, heard the Rev. Scott Campbell, counsel for Schaefer, say that their appeal was based on the defrocking penalty given Schaefer, not the […]

Recently Read: Duke Dorm Renamed

Aycock Hall was named after former North Carolina governor Charles B. Aycock who was a proponent for education in the state. Aycock was also was a leader among the white supremacy movement in the late 1890’s. Duke University is a United Methodist related school with the prominent Duke Divinity School. On Monday evening Duke University […]

Recently Read: QuadW interns spread Jesus’ love, help churches re-engage in five cities |

The team at do a great job of covering religion throughout the state of Alabama, and they’ve written another great profile of a UM originated ministry for college students over the summer. They tell the story of Mitchell: Mitchell is one of 47 QuadW interns working in five cities across the U.S. this summer. […]

UMC Giving launches new website

United Methodist Giving Helps Local Churches Exercise Generosity and Faith Together With New Website Launch Nashville, Tenn.: United Methodist Communications has launched an all-new, redesigned website at The new site offers Biblical perspective to help United Methodists across the globe align their giving practices with their personal faith. With easy navigation, there is a section dedicated specifically […]

Are You “Tired”

Pastor Melissa Meyers, of Genoa Faith UMC, shares on that she is tired of winning and losing in the church and wonders if there is another way. I am so tired. I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of people I love being hurt. I’m tired of seeing the church that I love tear each […]

A Meditation on Accountability

There is significant conversation at the moment, in the secular media, in the church’s media, and in the social media about schism, division and unity. I want to offer a perspective that is not often stated: unity is not our goal. Unity is a by-product experienced by those who are devoted to the mission of being faithful and fruitful disciples in the vineyard.