Wesley Bros: Annual Conference Super Brawl



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People are not always…charitable at Annual Conference meetings.  Church politics are inevitable because politics happen automatically whenever two or more are gathered.  There are plenty of personalities and opinions spoken loudly or passive aggressively, into the mic, or the neighbor’s ear, or tweeted.  John Wesley valued having strong opinions, but having the humility to accept that God alone is omniscient, and that you just might not have a tight grasp on the entirety of truth.  His sermon, On A Catholic Spirit (found at this link), outlines his thoughts on the importance of brotherly love towards those with whom you strongly disagree.  You may both think so differently that you’re ready to completely cut ties, but remember first that you both are also trying to seek God in Jesus Christ with your whole heart.

Charlie Baber

Rev. Charlie Baber is author and illustrator of the weekly web comic: Wesley Bros. When he isn’t finding new ways to mash-up church history with modern culture, he has actual responsibilities as a Deacon serving at Highland UMC in Raleigh, NC. Check out Charlie’s site at www.wesleybros.com.

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The United Methodist Reporter wants to encourage lively conversation about The United Methodist Church and our articles in the belief that Christian conversation (what Wesley would call conferencing) is a means of grace. While we support passionate debate, we cannot allow language that demeans or demonizes others, and we reserve the right to delete any comment we believe to be harmful or inappropriate. We encourage all to remember that we are all broken and in need of Christ's grace, and that we all see through the glass darkly until that time we when reach full perfection in love. May your speech here be tempered with love, and reflection of the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. After all, "There is no law against things like this." (Galatians 5:22-23)
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