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Girl Sits In A Depression On The Floor Near The WallPastor Melissa Meyers, of Genoa Faith UMC, shares on that she is tired of winning and losing in the church and wonders if there is another way.

I am so tired. I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of people I love being hurt. I’m tired of seeing the church that I love tear each other apart. I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling like I have to pick a side and I’m tired of feeling like I picked the wrong one. I’m tired. I know I can’t be the only one.

What if there’s another way? What if we work on intentionally building relationships in order to live and learn together? What if we actually listened to each other instead of trying to prove the other was wrong and we’re right? What if we loved each other instead of trying to win and make the other lose? This is a Church that I want to be a part of.

General Conference is fast approaching, which always makes people anxious. There are people who have been fighting for their voice to be heard & accepted for far too long. There are people who have been disappointed and left out for far too long. There are people who are scared that the world is changing too fast and there are people who are frustrated that the world isn’t changing fast enough. In between all of that, there are people who are clueless to what is happening.

Is it possible to set aside all legislation and political posturing at any given United Methodist Conference (be it Annual, Jurisdictional, or General) in order to have conversation and build relationships? I know that this hasn’t gone well at all times when holy conversation has been suggested or initiated. In fact, it’s been quite harmful. I wonder, though, if it’s because people entered into the conversation (on both sides) to prove why they’re right and not to listen to one another. Can we work on intentionally building relationships in order to change each other instead of engaging in a war of words?

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I think I would have to agree with the author that winning or losing is not the real point. The words of our discipline do have an impact, but it is not the same degree of impact as the result of our day to day ministry. What if the progressives win, but LGBTQ people may only be welcomed on paper, but not in practice? What if the progressives lose, but there are always LGBTQ people being raised among our children or grand-children? Same sex married couples may bring their children for church service, and I don’t see a way to… Read more »
Paul W.
This is an incredibly biased blog post once you look past the misleading “Can’t we all just get along?” vibe. The author dismisses traditionalists, along with all those who have voted with the majority at General Conference for the last 40 years, simply as “people who are scared that the world is changing too fast”. Wow. Seriously? But progressives, on the other hand, are described as those who have been mistreated for far too long and are simply fighting for a place at the table. What was UMR thinking posting this? The author’s real message is crystal clear: “I want… Read more »

Does any one else see the irony of this conversation thread in response to this article? “No” is a more concise way of answering her questions.

Larry Buxton

The core issue, brother William, is not that one group is faithful to “what the Bible says” and the other is not. The CORE issue is that people disagree as to what the Bible says. Passages that you interpret one way, someone else interprets a different way. The hubris is when someone says, My reading is the only correct reading.
And even this is a separate issue from acknowledging that not all Scripture is Christ-like.
(Personally, if I have to choose between Christlikeness & Scripture, my Lord and Savior is not a book, it is the Son of God.)


Poor baby! What matters is this: Jesus was born, He lived, He preached, He was betrayed, He was Sacrificed on the horrible tree–His blood was shed so that sinners like me can find the “fountain filled with blood,” dive head-long into the cleansing blood/flood and be washed clean. Come, Lord Jesus, come………………………………………….


Love and compassion are what Father/Son/Holy Spirit did for a lost world over 2000 years ago so that we sinners can be reconciled back to the Father/Son/Holy Spirit. The umc lost sight of that act of Love and Grace a very long time ago……………………….


Russ, take a minute and check out this website…………………….


We really don’t have to fight. All we need to do is to abide by the policies set at General Conference. It’s easy.

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