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Eulogy for a Closing Church

The United Methodist Church closes churches on average 332 churches every year (statistic courtesy of Ken Sloane, GBOD Path1). In your annual conference session this year there was no doubt a resolution to close one, two or more churches for the coming year. Membership, in the United States, has been on the decline for decades. In 2009 the […]

Recently Read: Schism Through a Young United Methodist’s Eyes

Michael Moore grew up as a pastor’s child in the UMC in the North GA Conference and is serving as a Social Justice intern with the Communications Dept. at the General Board of Church & Society. Last week he wrote a post expressing his thoughts on schism as a young adult who cares deeply about his […]

Healing Relationships : Methodists will stand beside descendants of Sand Creek victims

Friday June 20th the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church, led by Bishop Elaine Stanovsky, will pilgrimage to site of the Sand Creek Massacre in an act of reconciliation and healing with the descendants of victims of the horrific act. From the Pueblo Chieftain This year marks the 150th anniversary of the murders […]

Wesley Bros: Annual Conference Super Brawl

Click on image to view as full screen People are not always…charitable at Annual Conference meetings.  Church politics are inevitable because politics happen automatically whenever two or more are gathered.  There are plenty of personalities and opinions spoken loudly or passive aggressively, into the mic, or the neighbor’s ear, or tweeted.  John Wesley valued having […]

Clarification provide on UM divestment of G4S by Board of Pensions

The General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits of the United Methodist Church has clarified that its action in selling shares in the British company G4S was not a move towards divestment from Israeli-related companies.  Yesterday several news outlets, including the New York Times, characterized the move as a “protest over Israel,” and suggested that […]

Take 2: Now and Then

With four faith or Bible oriented films in release at the same time in the Spring of 2014, and more in production or post production, one can rightly claim that the on and off again romance between faith and film is back on.  The connection between the film industry and faith community dates back to […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: The seeds and harvests of previous Methodist divisions (part 1)

Twice in recent columns I have asked us to see the horrific systemic sin in schism among the people called Methodists. Actually, there are four such instances, all regrettable and avoidable as we see them retrospectively. The O’Kellyite Christian Separation–1792 In 1792, James O’Kelly, presiding elder of southern Virginia made the following motion: “Resolved, that […]

Discussion on “A Way Forward” Continues

Yesterday Rob Renfroe of Good News, A Forum for Scriptural Christianity posted an open letter to Rev. Adam Hamilton and Rev. Mike Slaughter, challenging the content of their proposal for a means by which the United Methodist Church might remain institutionally united while still divided by issue. The “A Way Forward for a United Methodist […]

General Board of Pension and Health Benefits Divests From Security Firm

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Pension and Health Benefits is divesting its investments with a company for the first time due to Israel’s illegal settlements and military occupation.

Imago Dei Film Festival to Promote Discussion

Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama, home church to UMR columnist  Jeremy Steele,  is hosting an Imago Dei film festival at their church this summer for eight weeks. They are showing an assortment of Christian-based films with a discussion period to follow. From the church website: For eight weeks this summer we will be hosting […]