Recently Read: Complaint Filed Against 36 Pennsylvania United Methodist Clergy Who Blessed Gay Wedding


Michael Gryboski of The Christian Post reported Monday that action has begun in response to the actions of 36 UMC clergy last fall. The 36 clergy came together to bless a same-sex wedding at Arch St. UMC in Philadelphia.

From the clergy group statement at the time of the wedding:

“We acted as a matter of ecclesiastical conscience in the center of a compelling community context,” said the clergy group in a statement released last November. We believe that this act of pastoral care reflects the love of God and honors and abides by The Bible as well as the Discipline of the United Methodist Church as a whole, if not in part.”

From John Lomperis of the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) announcing the complaints last week:

“The denominational accountability process will be slow. But at least it is now moving along, as faithful United Methodists in Eastern Pennsylvania are standing together to defend biblical faithfulness and compassionate Christian ministry for ALL people.  They will not be intimidated by or roll over for the destructive, covenant-breaking, any-means-necessary tactics of the Philadelphia 36. And neither will we.”

Read the full article from The Christian Post here.

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Scottie Freeman
Scottie Freeman

We need to open our hearts and minds. The change is coming. May it benefit us all.

Wes Andrews
Wes Andrews

Change is coming that is for sure…

Wes Andrews
Wes Andrews

Come to think of it progressives don’t have open hearts and open minds, they have controlling hearts and controlling attitudes. Think about it. We have an agreement, a covenant. We as pastors all agreed to uphold the doctrine and discipline of the UMC. The BOD is how we, from all over the U.S. and World have clarity and unity. But when a tiny, small percentage of clergy betray our world wide covenant, and ultimately the authority of Scripture that is NOT open, it is infinitely closed, because those people don’t think God is going to suggest a divine will that… Read more »

bill krill
bill krill

What if the UMC redirected their energy, time, and money into supporting and healing failing heterosexual marriages? We have programs that are Gospel based and use state-of-the-art secular couple’s counseling principals, and we can’t even GIVE IT AWAY to UMC congregations!

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