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US Cardinal Raymond Burke mounts defense on Catholic teaching on divorce

Public disagreements over whether the Roman Catholic Church can change its teachings on Communion for remarried Catholics are growing sharper on the eve of a major Vatican summit, with conservatives led by U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke making another push against loosening the rules.

Religious leaders try to cope with Islamic State attacks

U.S. Christian leaders have also spoken out and say they hope to dissuade youth from joining the Islamic State ranks by developing an alternative world view that counters the group’s religious claims.

Course of Study School at Perkins offers “hybrid” advanced COSS class in Spanish

Perkins is one of two theological schools in The United Methodist Church authorized to offer COSS classes in Spanish. Dr. Philip Wingeier-Rayo, director of the Regional COSS at Perkins and Professor of Christian Mission & Intercultural Studies, is excited about making coursework more accessible for working pastors.

GBPHB General Counsel to retire

The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB) today announced the retirement of General Counsel Sarah Hirsen effective April 1, 2015, following 17 years of service as head of the GBPHB Legal and Compliance Departments.

Kevin Alton named as UMR Editor

CircuitWriter Media LLC announced today that Kevin Alton has been named as the new Executive Editor for The United Methodist Reporter and will be joining CWM as a partner, effective immediately.

Missouri Conference Camping & Retreat Ministries Chair explains recent changes

In the wake of wide response an announcement that the Missouri Conference was closing 4 youth camps, a video was prepared to better explain those changes.

Dillon International licensed to provide adoption services to children in Vietnam

Dillon International has a long tradition of serving the children of Vietnam both through adoption and a humanitarian aid program that has provided food, clothing and educational scholarships to children in four Vietnamese provinces for the past 15 years.

The rise and fall and rise of the National Council of Churches

Particularly given its emphasis on peace, the NCC will need to deeply and critically plumb the Christian ethical tradition for insight about how to promote peace with justice in a hostile world.

Aging Well: An open letter about aging to my adult children

Editor’s Note: UMR Columnist Missy Buchanan sent the following letter to her three children as a means of helping them think about end-of-life issues. She offers it in the hope that all of us will consider writing their own letter about issues that we hesitate to think about, but which we all face. Dear kids, […]

Embattled evangelicals: ‘War on religion’ is aimed at us

Evangelicals, said Jones, are on “the losing side of the culture wars, such as gay marriage, and they see that their share (of society) is shrinking and aging, adding to their sense of being embattled.”