Recently Read: Lake Junaluska pins hopes on total Terrace overhaul to win next generation of visitors

Terrace Hotel, Lake Junaluska, photo via Trip Advisor

Terrace Hotel, Lake Junaluska, photo via Trip Advisor

Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center, the historic United Methodist retreat center associated with the Southeast Jurisdiction, is going through a remodel of one of its main hotel buildings.

Lake Junaluska Pins Hopes on Total Terrace Overhaul to Win Next Generation

Jack Ewing, Lake Junaluska Executive Director, “There is probably not a Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express in America with the views the Terrace has,” said Ewing, the director of Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center. “Soon we’ll have the inner spaces that match the views.”

In just two months, the shell of the Terrace Hotel will go from gutted to put-back-together following a $3.2 million total renovation.

It’s an aggressive timetable, but a necessary one, given the tens of thousands of conference center guests who make the pilgrimage to Lake Junaluska each year to partake in the robust schedule of retreats, gatherings and meetings held here.

The Terrace has long been the workhorse of the retreat center’s accommodations. But a major makeover has been long overdue.

So overdue, in fact, that the conference center was slowly losing business because its rooms weren’t up to modern expectations. The marketing and booking staff would often hear, “Well we would come, but your facilities are dated, they are tired,” Ewing said.

Getting rid of the old floral bedspreads, replacing the nicked furniture and adding more electrical charging banks for the arsenal of digital devices travelers have in tow these days — a makeover known as a “refresh” in the hotel world — wouldn’t be enough. The Terrace rooms were stuck in the past and needed a renovation that went the distance.

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Don Haynes

Wow, the renovation of the 1960’s Terrace Hotel is exciting. If anyone can keep Junaluska alive, it is Jack Ewing. The old market of churches sending delegates and dedicated laity filling up “the Lake” facilities all summer is over. Now we must attract people who want to spend their vacation in beauty, safety, and a place for true “R & R.” It is so superior to “Atlantis” or the “Shore” or “Beach” or human-made resorts. We need to market it as a place where parents , youth, and children can have varied schedules and yet be together. For over a… Read more »


Too bad the administration of LJ is pressing hard for Lake Junaluska to be annexed by the city of Waynesville. Some of the unique qualities will be sacrificed in the hope for a better “water and sewer” system. There is a bill in the NC General Assembly right now that would ask for a
referendum. Should Lake Junaluska become just another neighborhood of Waynesville?
Hopefully not.

Wes Andrews
Wes Andrews

As the progressives advance toward GC 2016 or GC 2020 in their efforts to to achieve their goal to undermine the truth and authority of Scripture, properties and ministries like Lake Junaluska will find their UM money dry up and will have to close. Due to the progressives and due to the UMC’s inability to proclaim the Gospel in modern and effective ways here will be NO “next generation” to support camps and retreats. It’s already happening in conferences throughout the U.S.

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