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In the Face of Unrelenting Snow, New England Churches Soldier On

(RNS) If God brought all this snow, he also made it very hard to get to church. New Englanders, clobbered by four major storms in the past month and bracing for a fifth, are finding it difficult to travel anywhere, including to services on Sundays. And the Rev. Andrew Cryans of Durham, N.H. — where […]

Pope Francis tells new cardinals to be models of love, not brooding schemers

Pope Francis on Saturday (Feb. 14) added 20 new members to the College of Cardinals, warning the newly-minted “princes of the church” from around the globe not to let their new red hats go to their heads.

The Connectional Table’s Human Sexuality Task Force Hosts Third Panel on Human Sexuality

The Connectional Table’s Human Sexuality Task Force Hosts Third Panel on Human Sexuality

Recently Read: Texas couple fights for custody of adopted Mexican girl

Their story dates back to 2002, to an impoverished neighborhood in Matamoros, a city of a half-million people across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas.

On same-sex marriage in Alabama and the United Methodist Church (COMMENTARY)

Scripture was cited to support prohibitions against the ordination of women, the validation of the enslavement of blacks, support for racial segregation, and resistance to interracial marriage. Scripture has not changed in its content, but I believe we have been Spirit-led to re-interpret those Scriptures that were used to enforce the above.

We Don’t Get to Heaven on Someone Else’s Sins (COMMENTARY)

I can’t identify the original source of the statement, but it will certainly preach. My heart is perpetually tempted to construct a sense of self from someone else’s flaws.

Handwriting on the wall for gay marriage (ANALYSIS)

The Supreme Court will decide whether to allow same-sex marriage nationwide later this year. But it’s leaving little doubt which way it’s leaning.

Cross-cultural healing through education, historic leadership gathering in Korea

Over 150 participants from 20 countries convened for an international conference February 1–4, 2015, in Incheon, Korea, of the Asia-Pacific Association of Methodist-related Educational Institutions (APAMEI).

First Edition of The Upper Room Daily Devotional Printed in Cuba

“Copies of El Aposento Alto are a rare, treasured resource among the more than 40,000 Methodists in Cuba,” said Sarah Wilke, Publisher and World Editor of The Upper Room and Associate General Secretary of Discipleship Ministries.

Breakaway South Carolina Episcopalians win major court case

A South Carolina judge ruled that the Diocese of South Carolina legally seceded from the denomination, and can retain control of $500 million in church property and assets.