Recently Read: Sibley United Methodist Church Reaches Milestone of 200 Ramps

Sibley United Methodist Church access ramp team photo via Minden Post Herald

Sibley United Methodist Church access ramp volunteers | photo via Minden Post Herald

Sibley United Methodist Church, of the Louisiana Conference, reached a milestone over the weekend building their 200th home access ramps. They started building access ramps in 2007, which equates to approximately twenty five ramps a year.

Sibley United Methodist Church resides in the Webster Parish, of western Louisiana. According the 2010 census 20% of the population, 16% that are 65 and older, were below the poverty line.

Story via the Minden Post Herald

“It’s a blessing to partner with the Sibley church, and to me, this ministry is about being able to give them the freedom to live outside of their home,” she said. “The ramp ministry is freeing those in captivity due to mobility issues.”

This ministry came to be in 2007 when a group of men from North Highlands United Methodist Church gave one time instruction to volunteers from Sibley UMC.

“From then to date, we have completed 198 ramps for people in need,” Lory White, church member, said. “The majority of our ramp projects have been in Webster, Bienville and Claiborne parishes, but we have reached out to a 60-mile radius of Sibley which encompasses Desoto, Natchitoches, Jackson, Lincoln, Caddo and Bossier parishes.”

“We get such a blessing out of it,” Tommy O’Rear, volunteer and church member, said. “One hundred percent of the money raised goes back into building ramps. This is the Lord’s work.”

O’Rear says the ministry furnishes all the labor and materials at no cost to the homeowner. The cost to build a ramp is roughly $15 per square foot. All the ramps built meet regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Among the first ramps built, White says it was for Byreatha Smith, 93, of Doyline, who still lives at home. In 2014, roughly 38 ramps were built, with about 12 so far this year.

Many of the volunteers who build these ramps are aged 60 and older, some in their 80s.

Full Story the Minden Post Herald


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