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Movie review: “McFarland, USA” (REVIEW)

By the end of the story I had admitted my surprise and reminded myself that one should never judge a film by its release date. By the very end of the film, following the conclusion of the narrative, it hit me how special “McFarland USA” is.

Esteemed Preacher and Professor Fred Craddock dead at 86

Dr. Rev. Fred Craddock, noted teacher and author on preaching who influenced a generation of United Methodist pastors during his time at the Candler School of Theology died earlier today.

‘Discipleship Ministries’ is agency’s new identity

Discipleship Ministries has officially become the new name of the general agency of The United Methodist Church known for years as The General Board of Discipleship, or GBOD.

The name change, which includes new addresses for the website and agency personnel emails, was announced by Dr. Timothy L. Bias, General Secretary (chief executive) of Discipleship Ministries.

“The shift from General Board of Discipleship to Discipleship Ministries was an intentional decision to more clearly communicate the work we do for The United Methodist Church,” Bias said. “On one level, we are adopting a ministry position. We want to listen and develop resources that help leaders make disciples and transform the world. The process of disciple-making is essential as we seek to develop and sustain vital congregations.

Why I Don’t Like The Term “God’s Plan” (COMMENTARY)

If God is all-powerful, then we most logically resort to a fatalistic conclusion that God makes happen whatever happens.

Theologians Call for the Clemency of Execution

Today, March 2nd 2015, Kelly Gissendaner, a theology graduate from Candler School of Theology while in prison, will be executed by the State of Georgia. Mrs. Gissendaner was found guilty for her involvement in her husband’s stabbing death in 1997. In the following seventeen years Mrs. Gissendaner has gone through a remarkable transformation while in prison. Many police officers and clergy speak to this transformation in her application to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.