Petition submission process begins for General Conference 2016


NASHVILLE, Tenn — Petitions for consideration by the 2016 General Conference may be submitted to the Petitions Secretary beginning April 1 and continuing through October 13, 2015.

According to church law, “Any organization, clergy member, or lay member of The United Methodist Church may petition the General Conference…”

Detailed instructions for submitting a petition are available on the General Conference website at Petitions must be typed and may be submitted through the General Conference website, by postal mail, or via e-mail This e-mail address should be used for petition submission only. All other correspondence should be directed to Petitions submitted without digital media need to be submitted by July 1, 2015 to allow time for transcription and translation.

The mailing address for petitions (hard copy accompanied if possible by digital version on CD or USB drive) is:

Rev. Gary Graves, Petitions Secretary
United Methodist General Conference 2016
230 2nd Street
Paris, KY 40361

Eligible petitions are given numbers and assigned to one of 12 legislative committees or the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters. The committees will debate the proposals and determine whether to approve, amend, combine or reject them for recommendation to the full body of General Conference.

When submitting a petition, you must indicate whether a petition has “general church budget implications,” meaning a petition that causes the need for funding (i.e., creation of a new program, staff position, support requirements, etc.) through the general church apportionments. Such petitions require review by the General Council on Finance and Administration to verify if the funding is already included under the recommended quadrennial budget.

Submitters must also indicate whether a petition has “global implications,” meaning it is a constitutional amendment, has a direct effect on the global work of general agencies, places requirements or expectations on all annual conferences, districts, or churches, or speaks to societal concerns regardless of the particular form of secular government.

Questions about the petition submission process may be submitted by e-mail to Rev. Gary W. Graves, Petitions Secretary, at .

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I can almost write the petitions now. Here are a few to start with. These ought to keep everyone GC busy at a million dollars per day. Prohibit any and all support and funding for the RCRC Rewrite the BoD Paragraph on homosexuality removing the hateful language and opening our doors to all regardless of sexual orientation Each jurisdiction must pay full costs for their own bishops Mandatory sentences for violations of the BoD policy on conducting same sex ceremonies Prohibit trials for violations of the BoD policy on conducting same sex ceremonies Eliminate the GBCS Change the name of… Read more »
Wes Andrews

Depressing…… so much money and time managing a bureaucracy rather than doing ministry. And in the end, the progressives won’t honor the BOD anyway… and the Bishops won’t hold them accountable.

One petition I wish would pass but won’t: The title of a church’s property belongs to the local church that paid for the property, NOT to the denomination.


agree with the statement in regard to church property. the present “rule” is what most probably keeps many congregations in check…………………………

George Nixon Shuler

So, you want those with whom you disagree to be “accountable,” (meaning subject to punishments) but you don’t want to be accountable.

Paul W.
Sadly, Kevin is absolutely right. What he lists is exactly what GC is going to waste its time on. (It looks like he forget about “Disinvest from and condemn Israel” and “Apologize for the sins of America while performing pagan worship rituals” though.) What we need though are to pass petitions calling for the IMMEDIATE removal of anyone and everyone on the UMC payroll who do not truly believe and adhere to Wesleyan doctrine as defined in Wesley’s sermons and notes on the New Testament, the Articles of Religion, and the Confession of Faith. That is ONLY business that GC… Read more »

Forgot the Israel divestment. It looks like the next GC will cost millions and produce deeper division and more cynicism.

George Nixon Shuler

Please show how you believe “cynicism” is in effect here and why it will increase as you say. If you do not respond, it would appear that would be in effect the confirmation that your assertion of such was primarily hot air.


Take a deep breath and hold it. There you go. Now just sit tight and wait for my response.

George Nixon Shuler

The “Wesleyan vision” is NOT one of right-wing political correctness. If Johnny and Charlie were with us today they’d be standing with advocates of inclusion and against the right-wing satrapy trying to make them meaningless.

George Nixon Shuler

The ridiculous rule and language should be eliminated, as should football.

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