Rahway Church Not Letting Ceiling Collapse Deter Services

Easter Miracle Service

Graphic via Greater New Jersey Conference

Union United Methodist Church, Greater New Jersey Conference, ceiling collapsed around 2pm on Easter Sunday. Bishop John Schol released a public letter with details of the event and calling for prayer for the congregations affected by the roof collapse. The two congregations meeting at the church, Elim United Methodist Church and Manantial de Vida Church, planned a joint service celebrating a miracle that no one was killed.

From the Central Jersey dot com

The leader of a West Grand Avenue church dating back to 1856 believes God was watching over congregation members when the ceiling collapsed suddenly during last week’s Easter Sunday service and no one was killed.

About a dozen people were injured by the collapse, including one seriously.

At 2 p.m. Sunday members of Elim United Methodist Church, a Korean congregation, and Manantial de Vida Church, a Spanish congregation, which share use of the church building, will jointly hold an outdoor worship service called “Easter Miracle Service” in the church parking lot.

“We thank God for what he has done for us on Easter Sunday. Elim congregation wants to comfort the members of the Manantial de Vida congregation,” said a statement on the website for the Elim United Methodist Church where the Rev. Leo Park serves as senior pastor. The church building is owned by Elim United Methodist Church.

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Richard Hicks

The local church of my teens was burnt to the ground twice in the 1920s. The congregation is still in biz. This will be a great opportunity to get a better facility for today’s needs and today’s standards. And, you’ll find out “what doth the Lord require of thee.” Maybe a new building isn’t the wisest course of action.

George Nixon Shuler

Hey, Richard, you’re from OK, huh? Y’ever think the Moore Tornado was God’s Wrath for OK’s right-wing politics and official christofascism? Just wondering because we hear all the time when disaster strikes, say, San Fran or Nawlins and the various politico-religious hucksters say it’s because of the “decadence (whatever that is) ,” the sin” that occurs there, or, most especially “teh gheys.” I’m no statistics-keeper but I was told by the woman at the Kansas Welcome Center at exit 27 on I-35 just this side of the Oklahoma border that Missouri , Oklahoma, and Texas have more tornadoes than Kansas… Read more »

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