GCFA continues withholding of funds for East Africa Conference

gcfa logoNASHVILLE, Tenn — The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) Board, meeting this week in Nashville, has decided to continue withholding funds allocated by the general church to the East Africa Annual Conference and related organizations. This action was taken in response to a lack of financial accountability for the disbursement of funds in that annual conference, and concerns about the misuse of funds by Bishop Daniel Wandabula.

In a statement issued on May 20, 2015, GCFA stated that their Board Committee on Audit and Review, in consultation with representatives of the General Board of Global Ministry (GBGM), had been unable to obtain complete and accurate financial audits of the general church funds given to the East Africa Conference. “Until the East Africa Annual Conference can provide satisfactory explanations of how those funds were spent, funding from GCFA, GBGM, and other general Church entities will not be forwarded to that annual conference or related organizations,” the statement said.

The funding suspension goes back to 2012 when the GCFA board of directors filed a formal complaint against Bishop Wandabula with the College of Bishops overseeing the East Africa Conference related to concerns about the “use and accountability of funds for ministries in that conference.” 3 years later, no action has been taken by the College of Bishops.

The General Council on Finance and Administration coordinates and administers the financial and legal interests of the United Methodist Church.

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Andrew Schleicher

Please clarify how this story relates to Judicial Council Decision No. 1298. Thank you.

David Baraza Khalonyere
David Baraza Khalonyere

I feel the weight of frustration over financial management in our conference. I’m offering myself to help the East African Conference set up a working financial system according to IFRS. This should help us put up sound standards for Financial management and reporting so to relieve the whole conference this embarrassment. The Bishop will be at my church this coming Sunday. I am going to talk to him.

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