Recently Read: U.K.’s Methodist Church Apologizes for Sexual, Emotional Abuse Over Decades

The Wall Street Journal reporting.

The independent report, commissioned by the church and based on written records and interviews with ministers and members of the church over three years, identified 1,885 cases of sexual, physical, emotional and domestic abuse, as well as cases of neglect between 1950 and 2014.

Martin Atkins, general secretary of the Methodist Church, said on Thursday that the abuse inflicted by some Methodists on children and adults is “a deep source of grief and shame to the church.”

“We haven’t always listened properly to those abused or cared for them, and this is deeply regrettable,” Mr. Atkins said. The church will discuss the review’s recommendations at a conference next month.

Church ministers or church employees were identified as the perpetrators or alleged perpetrators in about a quarter of the cases. The report found that authority figures in the church had failed to recognize the abuse that had taken place.

One of the cases mentioned in the report involved the grooming of teenage girls through Facebook and approaching girls in an inappropriate manner by a church organist. Grooming involves establishing a bond with the victim before assault. In another case, a girl in her early teens was groped by a Methodist minister’s husband. The incidents were reported to a local minister at the time, but no known action was taken.

Methodism is a denomination of Protestant Christianity. The church has more than 200,000 members in Britain.

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George Nixon Shuler
George Nixon Shuler

But….didn’t you just violate your own advice, dear fellow?

George Nixon Shuler
George Nixon Shuler

I’m wondering if the right-wing groups within United Methodism will apologize for the spiritual abuse they are continuing to commit today. The various types of child abuse discussed above correspond to the spiritual abuse that is still occurring as they all contain common elements of (1)patriarchy; (2) claimed “authority; and (3) the exercise of power and control over others.

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