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Pressing On | Wesley Bros

It’s hard to make the ordination process-relational. So many candidates, so many bureaucratic decisions to be made, so few open appointments. Many people feel called to ministry and enter the giant machine known as the United Methodist ordination process. They are affirmed by their churches, and somehow make it through all the steps (including expensive […]

Possible Boy Scout gay leadership change has religious groups weighing options

(RNS) The phone calls and emails have been pouring in at Trail Life USA since Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates said his organization should remove its ban on gay leaders. “I think this is the major public turning point,” said John Stemberger, chairman ofTrail Life USA, which bills itself as a Christian alternative to […]

What might tomorrow’s faith community look like?

(RNS) Enough about churches that are dying. Let’s imagine something that lives, breathes, serves, makes a difference. Would we even call it “church”? The term seems tattered and torn after two millennia of use. Maybe the term “faith community” would convey fewer historical negatives. Whatever. Let’s not get hung up on names. Let’s imagine what […]