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GBHEM Board works on new call focus, General Conference legislation

NASHVILLE, TN: A report on the Young Clergy Initiative, a discussion about a new leadership initiative focused on call and legislation preparations for General Conference 2016 served as leading topics of discussion at the Board of Directors meeting of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), August 5–7, in Nashville. Before the board […]

United Methodist young people’s healthcare concerns aired in D.C.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Aug. 20, 2015 /Discipleship Ministries/ – For United Methodist young adult Kyle Ormiston, whether to eat or fill an $850 monthly prescription was a dilemma, but he said the decision was obvious: “In the long term, eating won that battle.” Ormiston’s story about facing stressful health care decisions post-college was one of many […]

Wanted: Good Theology (COMMENTARY)

I opened a popular church publication last week and actually read an argument claiming that the widening gap in wealth among people is a good thing. My first instinct was to react from a social justice perspective, and that would not be incorrect. Yet further reflection moved me to conclude that such a claim is […]

Commentary: Seeking the expulsion of progressives from the #UMC

by Rev. Jeremy Smith* Editor’s note: Earlier today UMR published as response to the following article by Tom Lambrecht of Good News. We reprint Jeremy Smith’s original post in full with the permission of the author.   As culture embraces marriage equality, Conservative activists in the United Methodist Church are pushing out the perceived source of all things bad: Progressive […]

Commentary: Expelled from the United Methodist Church?

By Rev. Thomas Lambrecht* Recently, progressive blogger Jeremy Smith made the claim that “Conservative activists in the United Methodist Church are pushing out the perceived source of all things bad: Progressive Methodists.” Not only does Rev. Smith perceive an effort to “expel” progressives from our church, he also detects a trajectory changing who should leave the […]

Commentary: Local pastors deserve our full respect and support

by Mark Teasdale* I have just finished teaching my sixth year in Course of Study (COS), providing the required education for people to be licensed local pastors (LLPs) in The United Methodist Church. Over this time I have taught in two different United Methodist seminaries in different parts of the country. The LLPs I have encountered […]

Wesley Bros: Under Pressure

Click on image to download full screen… Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or the executive leader of your company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the demands of others.  People will bring you real and perceived needs, expecting you to fix it immediately.  I find that the more plates I have to spin, I start […]

UMR Poll: Should annual conferences sue to retain church property?

In the past couple of weeks there have been two congregations that have opted to leave the United Methodist Church and form their own non-affiliated congregations. In one case, the conference negotiated with the congregation to come to an agreement in which the congregation was able to stay in their building. In another from earlier […]

Conference sues breakaway church over assets

By Heather Hahn* UMNS — The Illinois Great Rivers Conference filed a lawsuit Aug. 6 seeking to keep property now used by a breakaway congregation. The lawsuit, filed in Illinois’ Pulaski County Circuit Court, asks for a permanent injunction that would bar the church from “occupying, possessing or otherwise exercising control over the real and personal […]

We really DO like conversation….

A few months back those of us who try to operate this thing called The United Methodist Reporter had a dilemma. We absolutely wanted to create a space for conversation on the stories we publish and on life in the United Methodist Church, but time and time again we found the comments here devolving into […]