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Homeless in the Yard

*by Irene TenEyck, Editor’s Note: On September 16 The United Methodist Reporter shared a local news story on the Wesley United Methodist Church’s struggles with their homeless ministry. After talking with the pastor of the church and learning about some of the mischaracterizations of their work in that story, we invited the church to report […]

Recently Read: Margaret Thatcher shaped by her Methodist faith

Margaret Thatcher, the late Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and contemporary of President Ronald Reagan, was fundamentally shaped by her Methodist faith and upbringing. Historian Dr. Eliza Filby delved into Thatcher’s deep-seated Methodism and how this influenced her conservative politics in her new book, God and Mrs Thatcher: The Battle for Britain’s Soul. […]

Black colleges engage in recruiting young adult missionaries

(GBHEM)  This fall and winter, two spiritual leaders from different generations will engage with a younger millennial generation in sharing the mission story through musicology, global hip-hop and community restoration. During the Sankofa Generation Transformation Campus Tour, Rudy Rasmus, a baby boomer pastor at St. John’s United Methodist Church Downtown in Houston, and Romal Tune, […]

Pope Francis to Congress: ‘Stop fighting, start working!’

*By David Gibson (Religion News Service) WASHINGTON (RNS) In his historic speech to a joint meeting of Congress on Thursday (Sept. 24), Pope Francis seemed to heed warnings to tame his often fiery rhetoric on topics such as capitalism and climate change. But his State of the Union-style address — the first ever to the House […]

Rest In Peace Phyllis…

It was announced earlier today that Dr. Phyllis Tickle, author and friend to many across the church, died earlier today (Sept. 22) in her sleep. Phyllis was a friend to several at the United Methodist Reporter, and we, like many today, mourn our loss even as we celebrate her resurrection to the life beyond this […]

Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder – Refugee images shook us awake. Now it’s time to do something.

*by Wes Magruder Last week, I delivered a sermon on the story of a Syrian immigrant who approached Jesus to heal her daughter. The timing was good, given that the world’s attention was focused on Syrians fleeing their country and seeking refuge. Jesus’ reply to the Syrian woman took me aback. Instead of warmly welcoming […]

United Methodist Polity: A Question

By Stephen Rankin* United Methodism’s current agonies uncover a deep problem related to our polity. Maybe it’s a good time, then, to ask a basic question. What does it mean for us United Methodists to live with a specific polity? To get at that question, let me tell you a story. I recently had a […]

Wesley Bros: Papa Don’t Preach

  Most of the history you read doesn’t bode favorably for John & Charles Wesley’s father, Samuel. In fact, Susanna is the one you always hear about. And rightfully so, she raised 10 children practically by herself. She lost 9 children at childbirth or in infancy, so on top of the grief, on top of […]

Law and Grace and History

Anymore, I believe very little that so-called experts try to tell me about the “millennial” generation. I appreciate what people say about themselves but not necessarily what acclaimed analysts tell me about someone else. There may be an irony in here somewhere. The young adults with whom I work as a chaplain and college professor […]

Recently Read: City says church’s makeshift homeless shelter is illegal

Editorial Note: We publish Recently Read as is because it is content from other news organizations.  After clarifying information was given to us by Rev. Forrest Clark, we have edited our one-line lead sentence into the story in order to more accurately represent the situation the local UMC is facing.  We apologize to any mis-information […]