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Commentary: Good church members or disruptive disciples?

by The Rev. Christy Thomas I was in conversation last night with a good friend about the nature of discipleship. She’s been placed in charge of discipleship for her large church, a United Methodist congregation. We chatted about the history of discipleship plans there. Mostly they involved making sure the Sunday school classes were properly […]

Bishop James Dorff resigning due to improper relations

The following statement was just released by United Methodist Communitcations: San Antonio, Texas — Bishop James Dorff of the Rio Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church will voluntarily resign and surrender his credentials effective January 1, 2016. The announcement comes from Bishop Michael McKee, President of the South Central Jurisdictional College of Bishops. The College […]

What United Methodists believe about gun violence

Click picture to download and share. Find out more about the United Methodist position on gun violence at

How Big Data disrupts Narratives of #UMC Decline

by Jeremy Smith Big Data in the UMC challenges the narrative of decline “due to progressive Christianity,” and shows what role each of us is to play to handle the coming winnowing of the church. Recently the data for 2014 came out on the United Methodist Church in America, showing a 1.6% drop in membership […]

Whatever happened to “truth”?

  by Chris Momany   The mixture of condemnation and hand-wringing over the Trump presidential candidacy would be amusing if the stakes were not so high. Those running for office have perfected the art of truth-bending, even those who do so under the banner of not being a “politician.” Yet independent fact-checkers are wearing themselves out […]

Words-even words on Facebook-matter

by Ashlee Alley If your Facebook newsfeed is like mine, you’ve got some angry (and scared) politically conservative friends and some angry (and scared) politically progressive friends. Today we’re all angry (and scared) as we see the news about another mass shooting. We’re united in our fear and outrage, but soon the blame game is […]

Reconciling Ministries launches campaign for 2016 General Conference

Chicago, IL — The Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) announced today that they have launched a new advocacy campaign directed toward changing The United Methodist Church’s teachings on the acceptance of GLBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage. The It’s Time campaign is focused around a new web presence which RMN says enables “. . . supporters and allies […]

Recently Read: First Wednesday in Advent: Better to be feared or loved?

by Kevin Alton First Wednesday in Advent Psalm 90; Isaiah 1:24-31; Luke 11:29-32 I struggle with the Old Testament’s depiction of God as the bad guy in a gangster movie. I understand the sentiment. In pre-scientific culture, the world was enchanted. God was in everything—trees, the earth, animals, even behavior was attributed to God. The […]

General Conference prayer observance to begin January 1

Nashville, Tenn. — January 1 will lead off 131 days of continual prayer for the General Conference of The United Methodist Church (#UMCGC), which meets May 10-20, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. The quadrennial legislative event begins 131 days after the New Year. By coincidence, there are 131 annual (regional) conferences in The United Methodist Church. […]

Michigan pastor camps out to protest trial delay

Marquette, MI — It’s cold in Michigan this time of year. But the snow has not deterred the Rev. Michael Tupper from pitching his tent in the front of the First United Methodist Church of Marquette to protest what he believes is an unreasonable delay by Marquette District Superintendent Rev. Elbert P. Dulworth in processing […]