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Wesley Bros: Zwingli loves sausage

Lent is that weird season where Christians go on a diet.  Catholics and Orthodox give up meat (at least on Fridays), and High Church Protestants give up caffeine or booze or chocolate or social media.  One of my students this year gave up giving up stuff, meaning, he won’t be participating in the Lenten fast. […]

Haynes: A Biblical analysis of homosexuality

Editor’s Note: For many years Dr. Donald Haynes was a regular and popular commentator for The United Methodist Reporter. While Dr. Haynes retired from regular writing, we recently submitted the following reflection as he wrestles in his mind with the conversations ahead of The United Methodist Church at the 2016 General Conference in Portland. We share […]

Rev. Brian Milford to head UM Publishing House

Nashville, TN — Meeting via video conference today, the Board of the United Methodist Publishing House elected the Reverend Brian K. Milford (Iowa Annual Conference) as the Incoming President/CEO of The United Methodist Publishing House. In celebrating Milford’s election Board Vice-Chair, Justice Cornelia A. Clark noted, “Brian Milford is known across The United Methodist Church […]

Board of Pensions responds criticism on divestment

In a press release issued yesterday, The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB) reiterated its position on sustainable investment, and released a new video outlining their position which is being shown at gatherings of central conference delegates. Critics had complained about a previous version of the video, and GBPHB stated that they had […]

Baltimore-Washington BOM recommends married lesbian for commissioning

The Board of Ordained Ministry of the Baltimore-Washington Conference, meeting last month, recommended Tara “T.C.” Morrow for commissioning as a Provisional Deacon. Morrow is a woman married to another woman. The Board is making public what is normally a confidential personnel matter in an effort to be as transparent and open as possible, according to […]

Momany: Flint water “crisis” sign of the times

I am not a Socialist. Seriously. I have never been impressed with government policies that treat people as interchangeable cogs in some machine. Most especially, I do not believe that God created humanity to be treated in this manner. The witness of Genesis, interpreted in various ways, teaches that human beings are created in God’s […]

Commentary: This is not okay. UM Pension Board video crosses the line

Editor’s Note: The General Board of Pensions & Health Benefits removed the original video mentioned in this commentary and replaced with the video below. Please be aware of this as you read this article.  By Rev. Jenny Phillips The United Methodist pension board is showing a new video at delegate briefings outside the US that […]

Gearing up for General Conference

If you follow The United Methodist Reporter these days, you have probably figured out that we have our good days and our bad days. There are times when we will have a flurry of content with stories that capture the interest of many. There are also other days (and even weeks) when not much is posted. The […]

United Methodist pastors, leaders ahead of the tech game

Nashville, TN —United Methodist pastors and church leaders match or exceed the average U.S. technology adoption rates, according to new research from United Methodist Communications. “The purpose of the United Methodist Emerging Technology Survey was to assess penetration of new types of digital communication within the church to aid agency communications and messaging,” said Dan […]