A response to Dr. Frank

Dear Mr/Ms Editor,

Dr. Frank has some impressive titles and history. He talks about an injustice that has gone in the past 50 years. He talks about all persons need to be included in the church with no holds barred. When I was baptized over 75 years ago few people knew anyone who were of the homosexual persuasion, let alone what the term meant. At least that was the way it was in the tiny community I grew up in. But in many passages of the Bible it denounces any positive references to homosexuality. These 5/4 votes in the general conference are not going to sway the thinking of the individual. I like a glass of wine before dinner and an occasional cocktail at a formal event. Am I to be denied for drinking alcohol? The discipline doesn’t condone it. If being a Methodist means picking and choosing what you want to believe, I don’t believe that’s what John Wesley had in mind when he formed the discipline. Again, Dr. Frank has all the titles and a right to his opinion. Nevertheless, the 5/4 also have their opinion and we’ll see how it turns out at the General Conference.

Leon Miller
Member of UPUMC
Dallas, Texas


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