Updated: Complaint filed in Talbert/Rosenquist wedding

Photo courtesy of the Reconciling Ministries Network

Retired Bishop Melvin Talbert and Rev. Val Rosenquest preside at the wedding of John Romano and Jim Welborne on Saturday, April 26, 2016.
Photo courtesy of the Reconciling Ministries Network

Charlotte, NC — The Western North Carolina Annual Conference reported today that a complaint has been filed against the Rev. Val Rosenquist (currently serving First UMC Charlotte) for her participation in a same-sex wedding last week. The United Methodist Reporter originally reported that a complaint against Bishop Melvin Talbert had been filed as well, but as reported by the United Methodist News Service no formal complaint about Talbert’s actions has been lodged with the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops, which would handle the complaint. 

The statement, posted at wnccumc.org, said that Bishop Larry Goodpaster of the Charlotte Episcopal Area had received a complaint over the weekend and that he had initiated the formal process for responding to that complaint in compliance with ¶363 of the 2012 United Methodist Book of Discipline. 

The full statement is posted below:

Multiple media outlets have reported that Rev. Dr. Val Rosenquist at First United Methodist Church in Charlotte performed a same-sex wedding, which would be in violation of Paragraph 341.6 in The 2012 Book of Discipline, and that Bishop Melvin Talbert was in attendance at the service.

A formal complaint was filed with Bishop Goodpaster over the weekend, after the press deadlines for Monday’s paper.

In response to the filed complaint, Bishop Goodpaster has begun the process outlined in paragraph 363 of The 2012 Book of Discipline. Because a confidential process is now underway, there will be no further official statements until the process is completed.

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The minister needs to be defrocked, the retired Bishop needs to be sanctioned, and the church in Charlotte needs to be reprimanded by the presiding Bishop. This is an absolute outrage. The Discipline is clear. If you’re not going to adhere to it, then get out of United Methodist ministry and surrender your clergy credentials.

Charles Walkup Jr
As one who has been a member of First UMC Charlotte from 1973 until Oct. 2015 (when I requested my name be removed following a congregational vote to become a Reconciling Ministries Network church), and as one who has personally experienced homosexuality but has been saved and healed through God’s truth and grace, I am deeply grieved that the church I still attend has decided to follow the World rather than Jesus. Please pray that God will turn hearts at FUMC Charlotte back to him. As a result of speaking out to the congregation after Bishop Talbert finished his sermon… Read more »
Stanley Garland

It’s truly a shame that these people have chosen to compromise biblical standards and throw away the sanctions that the gospel has clearly stated in the Bible that defines homosexuality as a sinful act. Jesus expects us to love gay individuals, but he expects Sinners to repent first and then leave their Wicked Ways. They’re winning and by allowing this sham of a wedding to take place in the United Methodist Church we are saying that this simple act of homosexuality is ok. It is not.

Mike Thomas

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10

James Mitchell

What about when Jesus said, ” render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and render unto God what is God’s.”? You don’t think that teaching applies as well to these ministers? If they are allowed to do these types of weddings outside of church sanctuaries, then what are they trying to prove by doing then inside of one? You don’t think this attitude of prideand we bellion against authority is a clear violation of Christ’s teaching?

Mike Thomas

Not at all. They are doing what they believe is right in the eyes of God. The section in our Discipline that says homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching” is blatantly wrong to the point of being heretical. Jesus never said anything of the sort. That language needs to be removed from our discipline. It has caused hardship, strife and turmoil while doing nothing to advance Christ’s message of love and grace.

Jesus speaks to you

Jesus clearly spoke on Marriage and reaffirmed the words of Genesis on this matter, once and for all! The problem, as He taught us is ‘hardness of heart’ Indeed, YOU are the one who is ‘heretical’ when it comes to scripture, tradition and reason; your experiences may indeed have hardened your heart to God’s eternal TRUTH in Christ Jesus!


The last time charges were filed against Bishop Talbert he walked away with a pat on the back. This time he will probably get a testimonial dinner and an award for courage.


I’d pay for the dinner myself.


As he should!

Charles Harrison
Local Pastor, Kevin’s comment is fine. You however were asked to 1)not make multiple posts accusing UMR of deleting your negative comments, which are still posted by the way as we never deleted anything, 2) not post disparaging comments about one commentary in a different commentary as it is rather confusing to readers, 3) to not personally attack any individual ever, 4) to be kind towards others, 5) to stop arguing with the moderator. Clearly this is not possible for you. You have compared my warning to Nazi Germany because I asked you to be kind to others. I am… Read more »
jimmie shelby
This writer’s thoughts: one is instructed to look at others through the Eyes of Jesus–that is very good instruction. Where does one find the ability to accomplish that? Does one ignore those who seek to destroy the church John Wesley was inspired to establish? Dialogue with Dr. Talbert and/or Rev. Rosenquist would likely be VERY hard to establish unless one views their action in the same light as they do. What is the answer? Do those in the UMC who differ with the action of Talbert and Rosenquist show their soft bellies and make not statement? How does one reflect… Read more »

These charges are fake. She had a friend bring her up on charges!!!

Stanley Garland

This is clearly an act of defiance and done expressly to challenge the system. Trying to push their day born to UNC and force everyone to normalize and accept they’re sinfulness.

Richard F Hicks

Attention please: Time for another show trial where nothing will happen. Please plan to waste your time viewing the proceedings while folks sit around trying to look important. Thank you, Richard F Hicks, OKC


[…] The United Methodist Reporter is reporting that charges have been filed against Talbert and Rosenquist for their participation in the same-sex wedding: “In response […]

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