Witherington responds to Hamilton on the Bible, homosexuality, and the church

Recently ReadBen Witherington, Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY, has has published a rebuttal to Adam Hamilton’s recent blog post on the Bible, homosexuality, and the church. “My concern is with the misinterpretation of the Bible in this post as well as the misrepresentation of Methodist cultural trends at various points…” Witherington writes in his introduction to his blog post.

And even more to the point, Adam’s view on this matter is well out of line with the vast majority of Christians world-wide– Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. The fact that there is a growing trend in certain European and North American contexts towards the acceptance of gay marriage and same sex sexual expression is frankly a distinctly minority report when it comes to world Christendom. Having taught in various place in Africa, and the Far East and India and Russia, places where Methodist churches are actually growing in number and size in various cases, I can assure you that the vast majority of those folks do not agree with Adam Hamilton on these matters. It is liberal Protestants in North America and Europe who are out of step with the majority opinion on these issues. And that majority opinion is not a new one, since for 2,000 years of church history, the church has not endorsed such lifestyles and practices, and frankly, neither did John Wesley or the Bible.

Click here to read Witherington’s post.

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“No, slavery, women’s rights, and all the injustices imposed by people on other people through all of human history have nothing whatsoever to do with the personal sin of practicing sexual immorality,..”. It is all a sin, and we are all sinners. Christ never put a scale on sin. There was never a degree of sin, a sin is a sin. There is no one without sin, why would he sacrifice himself for that reason. The church is a place for welcoming sinners and showing love for all. Why don’t we let God decide, be the judge and for our… Read more »

Sandy Wylie
Sandy Wylie

Those who have led necessary social change have always started as a minority. Just think where we would be today on any number of fronts if society had maintained the status quo over the last 2000 years. Slavery would still be in place, women wouldn’t be voting, women wouldn’t be clergy, and on it goes. Thank God, we have always been able to change our mind. What matters isn’t whether we’re in the minority but whether we’re right. David Gushee’s book Changing Our Mind makes the case that it’s time for Christians to lead society toward a more enlightened view… Read more »

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