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13116045_10209606159095147_3957726862829526168_oThis is from Rev. Eric Folkerth pastor of Northaven UMC in Dallas, Texas.

Friends: An important video, for General Conference Delegates. If you are one please watch. If you know one, please share. It addresses why we must address LGBTQ issues directly, and not rely on “restructure” or reframing.” ~ Eric












Eric Folkerth’s blog.


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David Vaughn

This video in a nutshell- we need to base our moral stands on the culture. Since more people are accepting of same sex ‘marriage’ these days, the United Methodist Church should also. Experience is more important than Scripture, so Scripture need to be interpreted or reinterpreted to line up with personal experience. That’s my take on this video. Wesley is rolling over in his grave.


Thanks for saving me ten minutes.

“We’re not talking about LBGTQ?” That’s all we seem to talk about these days? “Through Reason, Experience, Scripture and tradition, come to this understanding”… notice the order used and how Scripture is regulated lower … and then scripture is never addressed in this video. “Central conference delegates don’t let protesters keep you from doing the right thing” … I would agree with this point except that the author seems to think that the protesters are going to be from the ”coneserivitive side”. When in fact Love previals and Reconciling ministiries are preparing right now to come with waves of protesters… Read more »

How many people who are not inclusive actually have relationships with members of the LGBTQ community? I have many friends in this community and most are Christian, very faithful and engaged in the life of our church. I hope the General Conference will address this issue. #It’s time.


It will be addressed. The question is will we accept the decisions or do we keep on fighting?

Sadly, if we behave in an un-Christlike manner, continue to have “Partly open minds” and “Hearts not open” and “Doors only open so far” then the fighting won’t stop. Except it will of course, because young people are not as opposed to the existence and full participation of LGBTQ people in all walks of life. Us old folk will die. The numbers opposed to full inclusion, and celebration of marriage, recognition of same gender parents etc… That opposition is falling away and will continue to do so. In twenty years the young will not understand why we had issues with… Read more »
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