Recently Read: How to Use Technology in Ministry With Young People

Recently Read*by Kelly Preston

Tech is a touchy subject on which EVERYONE has an opinion. One youth director declares, “All technology is banned from youth group!” Some leaders collect phones and other devices at the door to meetings. Some have a basket or hanging organizer where devices can be parked, away from everyone’s hands and eyes. Some leaders ban tech usage when at a specific experiences (like summer camp, mission trips, etc), adopting a “no cellphone” policy for the sake of community and presence. Other leaders think tech and connectedness IS AWESOME! They look for ways to engage youth using devices on which they spend every waking moment possible “connecting”. Need to take a poll? Vote with your phones! Every youth event get’s its own hashtag! Who needs printed Bibles? We can pull up scripture on our own devices!

What’s right? What’s too much? Can technology “liven up” your youth ministry program?

Read the rest on Young People’s Ministries.

Recently Read

Recently Read

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