UM Reporter Roundtable – Episode 2 (05/11/2016)


Rules, rules, rules . . . and oh yeah, Bishop Palmer gave a great address!

Host: Laura Allen

Guests: Ken Krimmel, Wes Magruder, and Charles Harrison

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The United Methodist Reporter wants to encourage lively conversation about The United Methodist Church and our articles in the belief that Christian conversation (what Wesley would call conferencing) is a means of grace. While we support passionate debate, we cannot allow language that demeans or demonizes others, and we reserve the right to delete any comment we believe to be harmful or inappropriate. We encourage all to remember that we are all broken and in need of Christ's grace, and that we all see through the glass darkly until that time we when reach full perfection in love. May your speech here be tempered with love, and reflection of the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. After all, "There is no law against things like this." (Galatians 5:22-23)
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One of my former Bishop’s once said “God will work through the United Methodist Church.. or around the United Methodist Church.. our choice.”

I guess we pick “around”


The UMC is sooooo dead. There is no trust. Can’t trust Bishops, leaders, delegates, or process. We will resolve nothing. Anarchy and rebellion will only increase.

Danea Wallace

What is rule #44?

First, sincere thanks to you guys so very much for taking the time after each hectic day to create this podcast. For those of us unable to follow proceedings throughout the day via streaming video, your work is sincerely appreciated. But … and now one technical criticism … due to vastly different (and I do mean =seriously= different) volume levels between participants’ voices, this thing is extremely difficult to listen to. During this second session, one guy sounded like he was fifty feet down the hall somewhere while we could hear another person literally breathing in our ears. Are you… Read more »
Jay Voorhees, Former Executive Editor

Jon, thanks for the critique. We ARE aware of the issues and we’re working to make things better with tonight’s show. Actually all of the mics are working but we’ve had some issues with getting our guests to stay “on-mic”. We’re still working out the bugs, but it will be better tonight.


Thanks so much, Jay, for your prompt reply. I look forward to episode 3.


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