UMReporter Roundtable — Episode 10 (May 20, 2016)


It’s the final episode of the Portland saga as our merry MethoNerds talk about the final day of the 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church. Today’s show is hosted by Jay Voorhees and he’s joined by Ricky Harrison, Charles Harrison, and Christy Thomas.

Today’s sponsor: Central Methodist University

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Paul W.
Interesting conversation. Good insight into the liberal view of how GC went. I find it interesting that the conservative objections to many of the positions discussed weren’t even acknowledged, e.g., US central conference primarily as a means to stop the Africans from standing in the way of the LGBT agenda, not wanting next GC to vote on all petitions since many have the conservative votes to pass which removes the delaying tactics being used to control the agenda, etc. It was still an interesting discussion particularly as a preview of the arguments to come from the progressive camp. A low… Read more »
Jon M

I hear you talk about context, global church, and the World Methodist Council and how the World Methodist Council is a way to be a global church and there are different contexts. But The Free Methodist Church which was Abolitionist, part of the reason they broke off, yet now are more conservative on human sexuality is a Wesleyan church IN the US context so it confuses me when you say we need to be a Central Conference, otherwise we can not do this. That’s just a progressive bias, not a reality….

Bruce Davis

I do hope you’ll continue this on a weekly basis. I have enjoyed your conversations.

Alli Costello

Got to sit at the same table as Jay in the press room working furiously one night. I’m the Communications Director for a tiny Conference – just learning the ropes and I enjoyed watching “real” press people work. I listened to your podcasts and it helped me make sense of everything that was happening and enabled me to convey that back home. Thanks for taking the time! GC2016 was quite the experience! Alli.

Jackson Day
We have had two models with regard to overseas churches. The current model is that Central Conferences in the Philippines, Africa and Europe have retained full membership in the United Methodist Church. The alternate model is that Conferences in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia — as well as Puerto Rico and churches in South America — have become independent but affiliated churches. Why could not Annual Conferences in the US also choose to be independent but affiliated churches like them? The Annual Conference would then not be governed by the United Methodist General Conference, but would send a couple of non-voting… Read more »
Jay Voorhees, Former Executive Editor

Jackson, that may indeed where we are headed. Certainly I think that should be a part of the commission’s study.

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