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UMReporter Roundtable — Episode 7 (5/17/2016)

Laura Allen, Wes Magruder, Christy Thomas, and Jay Voorhees talk about the day’s events at the 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church. Today they talk about Bishop Bruce Ough’s statement of response to social media rumors about a Council of Bishops plan to split the church.

Commentary: A primer on Central Conferences

The first week of General Conference made one thing clear: there will be no softening of the Book of Discipline’s language regarding human sexuality. Again. A quick recap here. Many United Methodists identify as centrists regarding their stance on theological and sexuality issues. Kind of a “live and let live approach,” that offers a wide […]

Commentary: No choice but to talk about breaking up

After the end of a week together, with only a few days remaining at the United Methodist Church’s General Conference, few things are certain. However, one thing that is certain, despite pleadings from the Bishops and the constant refrain from the platform for unity, is that the United Methodist Church is anything but unified on the primary issue that divides us — LGBTQ inclusion.

A Pastoral Response to A Love Letter To Our Church From LGBTQI Religious Leaders

Editor’s Note: 24 Bishops signed a pastoral letter Tuesday in support of GLBTQ UM Clergy, who came out last week just before General Conference began in Portland, Ore. The text of the letter follows: We speak from among those who are called to shepherd the United Methodist flock. Our hearts break knowing that some United […]

Ecumenical Day: UMC in full communion with Moravians, Uniting Church of Sweden

  The General Conference of the United Methodist Church celebrated Ecumenical Day Tuesday by recognizing full communion with the northern and southern provinces of the Moravian Church and the Uniting Church of Sweden. “We have really been in communion for a long time,” said Rev. J. Christian Giesler. Giesler is a bishop in the northern […]

GC Shorts — Bishop Ough Meets the Press

After making a statement to the General Conference about the Council of Bishops and a potential church split, Bishop Ough answered questions at a press conference. Wes Magruder

Transcript: Statement by Bishop Bruce Ough, president of the Council of Bishops (May 17, 2016)

I begin with a brief autobiographical story. On Christmas Eve, 1973, my family and I returned home from Christmas Eve worship to find my 20-year-old brother, who had remained home with a cold, having a heart attack. He was stabilized at our local hospital. A few days later he was flown by air ambulance to […]

Council of Bishops announce that they are not of one mind

Portland, OR — In a statement today, Bishop Bruce Ough made it clear that there is no plan of separation of the United Methodist Church originating from the Council of Bishops. But while the bishops are taking no specific action, Ough acknowledged that  there have been conversations between the Council of Bishops and leaders of various […]

Bishop Ough to address morning plenary re: split rumors

    10:24 Bishop Ough addresses the plenary session. He shares a personal story of broken heartedness with regard to his brother, who died several years ago of heart disease.  He tells the body that the Council of Bishops have been in conversation with “leading voices from various groups, our conference delegations, and General Conference […]

UMReporter Roundtable — Episode 006 (5/16/2016)

Laura Allen and her band of merry MethoNerds pontificate on the days happenings at the 2016 General Conference of the UMC meeting in Portland, OR Tonight’s panel: Christy Thomas, Jay Voorhes, and Ben Hanne Jay Voorhees The Rev. Jay Voorhees is the Executive Editor of The United Methodist Reporter and the Chief Creative Officer for […]