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img_0780In reaction to the outcome of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church 2016, we feel called to be clear about the ministry of Ellensburg United Methodist Church (EUMC).

EUMC became a part of the Reconciling Ministries in 1997 not because we had a large number of LGBTQ members, but because we felt it was the only moral choice we could make. We reject the belief that homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching”.

Using scripture, tradition, reason, and our own experiences we believe that the General Conference of the UMC has lost its way and we can no longer abide by the tyranny of the majority.

We will no longer be silent.
We will not leave this denomination.
We will no longer be bullied by the General Conference of the UMC.
Our pastors will minister to every member of this congregation.
Our pastors are expected to perform marriage and burial rights regardless of LGBTQ identity.
We will not accept pastors who will not perform those duties.
While we understand that there are areas of the world where pastors cannot safely in their own context minister to LGBTQ people, we expect the wider church to understand that we will minister to everyone, including our LGBTQ members and the wider Queer community.


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I’m sorry, your statement means you HAVE left the denomination, because you are not UNITED Methodist if you reject the decisions of General Conference and/or the UM Discipline. Also, I’ve yet to encounter a UMC that refuses to minister, support and love anyone from the LCBTQ community – or any community for that matter. Just because a congregation or clergy decides to actually uphold the vows she/he took at their Ordination – vows to God I might add – does not make them a homophobe or hate monger. I have infintely more respect for anyone who upholds their vows, even… Read more »

The schism is happening. Why wait for the Bishops’ plan?


There WAS an outcome to General Conference?

Paul W.

Nasty response by this congregation. No one is not ministering to those who are caught up in the LGBT lifestyle. There is a huge difference though between 1) ministering to someone and offering them the Bread of Life and 2) affirming someone’s sin and allowing them to perish in their iniquity. A pastor who doesn’t know the difference should never have been allowed to graduate from seminary, much less have been ordained. The UMC definitely has a problem and the problem is apostasy.

Bill T.
What other “sins” in the church are being affirmed and not “advertised”? Parish in their iniquity? Are you sure you’re Methodist? Graduating seminary? Please review the the difference between “sin” and “sins”? One is cultural… Apostasy? Which teachings of Jesus are being renounced? Not Paul or Peter, especially not Jude…but Jesus. What I find extremely interesting is how we removed the phrase “…incompatible with Christian teaching” regarding war, but left it regarding human sexuality. So, in Christian teaching, it’s okay to kill people, indiscriminately at times, but it’s not okay to accept people into “full communion” of the Church because… Read more »
Paul W.
If you are unfamiliar with Scripture and Wesleyan theology, there isn’t a whole lot of ground for us to hold a discussion. Google “perish in their iniquity” to learn it’s context — It means to die without having repented of one’s sins thereby remaining under the wrath of God and losing out on eternal life. Wesley used the phrase in several sermons; it is not unique to Methodism. Wesley’s focus on personal holiness and righteousness requires keeping the moral law. Why do you believe this has been superseded and why do you think this unWesleyan position should be advocated in… Read more »

Many UM churches have and embrace homosexual members. Not all are “members” of the Reconciling Network and this public statement is an example of why.

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