The United Methodist Reporter

Founded in 1847, the United Methodist Reporter (UMR)  has been sharing United Methodist related news for over 165 years, first via print and now through the Internet. Our goal throughout has been to tell the story of our church, and to facilitate conversation about life in the United Methodist Church.  It’s a wonderful story, and we urge you to click here to learn more.

The United Methodist Reporter (UMR) is a subsidiary of CircuitWriter Media LLC (CWM), since May, 2013. CircuitWriter Media is owned by a creative partnership of United Methodist clergy and laypersons who are dedicated to furthering the mission of the United Methodist Church through the sharing of content and creating spaces for conversation. CircuitWriter Media also the home of The MethoBlog, which aggregates the content from over 300 United Methodist related blogs into a single place for reading and comment.

UMR is not an an official organization of the United Methodist Church, and is solely funded through advertising and private donations.


  • Charles Harrison, CEO and Operations Manager (email)
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