Kan., Nebraska staffers win top UMAC honors

Staff Reports… Lisa Diehl and Kathryn Witte together won “communicator of the year” honors at the recent United Methodist Association of Communicators (UMAC) annual meeting. Ms. Diehl handles communications for the Kansas Area and Ms. Witte does the same for the Nebraska Conference. They shared in the task of explaining the planned merger of the […]

Film review: Argo works as thrill ride, but retains human drama

Six embassy staffers manage to evade capture, leave the building and find shelter in the home of the Canadian ambassador. For the next two months, the U.S. State Department scrambles for a way to rescue them in secret, and thus avoid jeopardizing the safety of the 52 hostages.

Q&A: Building a fan base for faith-based pop culture

This summer Grace Hill Media—an L.A.-based marketing firm that promotes faith-based movies and television shows to Christian audiences—launched a new phase in its efforts. The “As1” campaign (www.as1.org) seeks to build online support for projects like the new American Bible Challenge game show and an upcoming big-screen Noah epic with Russell Crowe. In the process, […]