Take 2: Dallas Buyers Club

“Dallas Buyers Club,” starring Matthew McConaughey, is a biopic film about Ron Woodroof, a Dallas electrician, part time rodeo cowboy, and fulltime homophobic who is diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and given 30 days to live. After receiving this apparent life sentence, Ron takes his health care into his own hands to acquire AZT, then […]

A sermon for the death of a president 50 years later

The following is a portion of Dr. William H. Dickinson’s sermon “Living Out Our Faith” delivered on November 24, 1963. Dr. Dickinson was the pastor of Highland Park Methodist Church, one of the largest, most prominent Methodist Churches in the world, one of the most influential churches in Dallas, and was the church home for […]

Take 2: 12 Years A Slave

“12 Years a Slave” is the rarest of films. While the object of most films is to entertain and or inform through the telling of a story, “12 Years a Slave” transcends to an experiential level.  As with other transcending films, in telling the true story of Solomon Northrup, a free black American who was […]