Concerns rising for Christians in Syria

United Methodists who have had longtime relationships with Christians in the Middle East through ecumenical organizations are concerned about their plight in Syria and other countries. The Rev. Motoe Yamada, senior pastor of the Japanese United Methodist Church in Sacramento, Calif., first become acquainted with Mor Eustathius Matta Roham, the Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan (archbishop) of […]

Green UM colleges make ‘Cool Schools’ list

At Duke University, students in the 14 freshmen dorms on East Campus compete in an Eco-Olympics that results in lowered utility use for the remainder of the academic year. Allegheny College students learn to reduce waste through the One Less Cup campaign, which promotes reusable takeout containers, and the annual “Trashion Show.” Composting at Green […]

Small UM church offered big support to deployed pastor

In 2007, when the Rev. John Mark Branning decided he was young enough, at 33, to answer a call for military chaplains, he had the support of his United Methodist congregation in Mississippi behind him. Three years later, when his Army National Guard Unit was deployed to Iraq for a year, that support was extended […]