British Methodist minister builds bridges with stories

By Mark Woods, Special Contributor… Max Bygraves, a British comedian, singer and actor who died recently, had a catchphrase that he used for the entire six decades of his career in the entertainment business: “I wanna tell you a story.” Storytelling, though, is as old as humanity. Cave paintings from 40,000 years ago depicting successful […]

Young volunteers make impact in Vegas

LAS VEGAS—To take church outside the four walls of a building and into the community, those who attended the young adult conference Relevance X helped clean up parts of the city as part of Impact Las Vegas. On Feb. 16, more than 500 volunteers loaded onto buses and headed into the city. The volunteers, more […]

A church crisis requires a communication plan

By Liz Applegate, Special Contributor… It’s a horrible thought—the worst has happened at a church across town. Someone was killed during a crime on the church property. The church suffered a fire. Or the nightmare of having a child molested. It’s with a heavy heart that I have to write about these situations. It’s with […]

Digital Devotion: Social media prompts for the season of Lent

By Liz Applegate, Special Contributor… Many churches are beginning to take advantage of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. But church communicators are also discovering that maintaining these on a regular basis can pose a real challenge. Even though social media posts are typically short, churches do need to post new, timely and […]