GC Shorts — The End

Find out what the delegates to General Conference 2016 really needed when it was all over. Wes Magruder

GC Shorts: A Silent Menace

Editor’s note — There is a time during the General Conference humor takes a strange turn… Watch this video at your own risk … there is a looming danger at General Conference. Editor’s Note: We offer our love and prayers to both Bishop Carter and Bishop Wilke who are both friends of The United Methodist […]

GC Shorts — Silent Protest

The day began with a number of coordinated silent protests by and for LGBT clergy who say they have been silenced by the church. Wes Magruder

GC Shorts — Confirmation is cool again

Sparkhouse unveils a new confirmation curriculum in the Exhibit Hall. Wes Magruder

GC Shorts — Bishop Ough Meets the Press

After making a statement to the General Conference about the Council of Bishops and a potential church split, Bishop Ough answered questions at a press conference. Wes Magruder

GC Shorts – Rev. David Meredith announces intention to be openly gay episcopal candidate

As the second week of General Conference begins, the Love Your Neighbor Coalition sponsors a march around the Convention Center and lifts up what would be the first openly gay episcopal candidate in UM history.  Wes Magruder

GC Shorts — Put A Cross and Flame On It

An homage to Portlandia with our very own Fake Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Wes Magruder

GC Shorts — To Welcome the Stranger

United Methodists gather to protest deportations and support the welfare of immigrants and refugees to the United States in an immigration rally on May 13, 2016. Wes Magruder

GC Shorts — An Indigo Girl . . . and Boy

An interview with Indigo Girl Emily Saliers and her father, Don, shortly before they performed at a reception for the General Board of Church and Society at the 2016 General Conference. Wes Magruder

GC Shorts — GC for College Credit

A short conversation with Jack Jackson from Claremont School of Theology who is helping a group of seminary students learn the ins and outs of the United Methodist Church. Wes Magruder