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A Higher Law

The higher law tradition will always be something beyond the grasp of political fad and seasonal abusers of human rights. Thank God for that. I mean it. Thank God for that. This thread of political thinking is not held hostage to either reactionary right or trendy left.

Take 2: A Review of “Calvary”

Any film entitled “CALVARY” whose subject is the travails of a good man trying to be a good priest by ministering to challenging people in a difficult time will carry the weight of significant expectations. In discussing the title, writer / director John Michael McDonagh speaks to the dual meaning of the word, that Calvary […]

Aging Well: The need for respite care

While scanning radio stations recently, I landed on a program that quickly caught my attention. A minister was talking about what it means to be a good steward of time. It got me to thinking specifically about how we choose to spend our second-half years when time is likely more plentiful than in our younger […]

Take 2: Son of God

Speaking for their film “Son of God,” producers Roma Downy and Mark Burnett spoke about their desire to update the epic Biblical films of the 1950’s and 60’s to better fit with today’s audiences. With greater technological tools at their disposal, “Son of God” is sharper and crisper than the epic narratives of 50 years […]

the upper methosphere: Is Facebook wrecking your church page effectiveness?

…if you can. Methoblogger Wil Ranney recently posted about his growing beef with the effect that Facebook’s ever-shifting newsfeed algorithm has on churches (and other non-profit/for-profit entities) who are trying to communicate with their respective audiences. While acknowledging the beggars-can’t-be-choosers argument about complaining about a free service, he goes on to outline how it’s unlikely […]

Take 2: UMR’s Guide to 2014 Oscars

The 2014 Academy Awards Show is this Sunday, March 2. In preparation for this year’s Oscars, UMR Movie Reviewer Kenny Dickson offered his thoughts on this year’s 2014 Best Picture Awards:

Chuck takes on apportionments

We’ve been friends of the Church Knows Church series produced by the General Board of Discipleship for a while, but we were specially taken with this episode which offers a simple explanation of apportionments. Make sure to check it out. For more of this great series, check out http://www.chuckknowschurch.com/ Editor’s Note: Chuck Knows Church has been […]

A Christmas Blender

Jeremy Schulz, Director of Music Ministries for Point Pleasant UMC in Elk Grove, Calif. wrote and created this short film for an Advent worship service focused on building community. His reflections explore the true and commercial meanings of Christmas, and what that means when the church steps outside of its walls, into the world. Another […]

Episcopal dissent not a new phenomenon

Retired United Methodist Bishop Mary Anne Swenson’s dissent from the statement issued by the Council of Bishops Executive Committee asking Bishop Melvin Talbert to refrain from presiding at the celebration of marriage for Bobby Prince and Joe Openshaw tomorrow in Birmingham may seem unique to the current generation of United Methodists. But as Deen Thompson, […]

10 Questions: Bishop Sally Dyck

Bishop Sally Dyck is passionate about reaching out with the love of Christ. I learned this first hand when she came as the guest preacher to a session of the Tennessee Annual Conference at the invitation of Bishop Dick Wills. Earlier that year she had been in the news for her participation at the “Hearts […]