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Hopeful UM Group Gathers in Nashville to Envision Faithful Future 

Nashville, May 4 Forty-seven United Methodists from the five jurisdictions in the United States and 21 annual conferences gathered in Nashville this week to identify ways to encourage a strong centering voice for United Methodists to bear witness to a graceful and mutually respectful way of living in the Wesleyan tradition. More than half of the ethnically diverse […]

“Finding God in the Waves” – Mike McHargue

By John I. Carney Mike McHargue grew up as a devout Christian, then became a secret atheist, then regained his faith – although the faith he gained is not exactly the one he lost. McHargue, who now attends Good Samaritan UMC in Tallahassee, Florida, is a successful speaker and podcast host (sometimes billed as “Science […]

Commentary: Bishops, prepare two envelopes…

by Bob Phillips* General Conference 2016 is over. Fearing a media feeding frenzy over sex, the Council of Bishops answered the plea to start leading on this issue. They created a proposal the conference accepted. Sex was taken off the table and dropped into the bishops’ collective laps to formulate a way through the morass. […]

Baltimore-Washington clergy vote not to commission deacon

Clergy members of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, meeting June 1 in an Executive Session, did not approve Tara “T.C.” Morrow for commissioning as a Deacon in The United Methodist Church. Morrow failed to receive the two-thirds of the vote needed to be approved. Morrow, who is woman married to another woman, became a litmus test […]

Commentary: Goodnight Portland…

“The opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” So said Texas Tech sports information director Ralph Carpenter in the final moments of the Southwest Conference tournament finals as the Aggies were heading towards a tie. Well, I think the lady was height/weight proportional, but someone definitely sang to close out  the 2016 General Conference […]

Sent out: Thursday morning worship at General Conference

If worshippers didn’t already know that the world is a tough place for millions of people, they certainly did after hearing the Thursday morning message from Bishop John Yambasu, who serves in the Sierra Leone Episcopal Area.  “It is estimated that one in every hundred people in our world are either on the run or living […]

Council of Bishops recommends way forward

Portland. OR — In a statement this morning to the General Conference 2016 delegates, Bishop Bruce Ough outlined the Council of Bishop’s recommendations for a way forward for The United Methodist Church. The bishops asked delegates to defer any votes on human sexuality to a special commission that would work specifically on those paragraphs in the […]

What’s up today at GC2016? Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It’s another day at General Conference, and there will be a lot happening. Here are some highlights for today: Morning Session #1 (9 a.m. – 10 a.m.) Bishop John Hopkins, presiding Administrative Committee reports Imagine No Malaria report Calendar Items Possible report back from the Council of Bishops Morning Session #2 (10:20 a.m. -12:30 p.m.) Bishop […]

Bishop Ough to address morning plenary re: split rumors

    10:24 Bishop Ough addresses the plenary session. He shares a personal story of broken heartedness with regard to his brother, who died several years ago of heart disease.  He tells the body that the Council of Bishops have been in conversation with “leading voices from various groups, our conference delegations, and General Conference […]

Commentary: Rumors . . . truth or fiction?

Don’t be distracted or frightened by the rumors you hear in the land. Sometimes you hear one thing and another time something else: rumors of violence and uprisings. –Jeremiah 51:46  (CEB)– I have been hearing rumors about stuff happening at General Conference for a long time. After attending a General Conference or two one gets […]