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Caldwell: Reminders of our Methodist Biblical misinterpretations that have been corrected

Once there were Methodists who supported the enslavement of blacks. Once there were Methodists who did not support the ordination of women. Once there were Methodists who voted to create an all black, segregated Central Jurisdiction. Once there were Methodists who were against divorced clergy. And there have been Methodists who believed that the consumption […]

A response to Dr. Frank

Dear Mr/Ms Editor, Dr. Frank has some impressive titles and history. He talks about an injustice that has gone in the past 50 years. He talks about all persons need to be included in the church with no holds barred. When I was baptized over 75 years ago few people knew anyone who were of […]

Another response to Bishop Brown’s statement

Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. in his response to the Same-Sex Marriage decision of the Supreme Court, reminds us; “The heart of our call of to ministry is to be pastor to the people of the congregation, and the community we serve.” Now that the Supreme Court has declared that Same-Sex marriage is valid in the 50 states […]

Responding to Bishop Warner Brown

First of all, I would like to begin by saying that I am not a bishop, a congressman, a scholar or anything of that nature.  I am a concerned Christian and a citizen of the United States who is troubled by the recent Supreme Court ruling this week. After reading Bishop Warner H Brown Jr.’s […]

The United Methodist Church And Its Failure On Race

by Aaron Gray Wheat Ridge United Methodist Church Denver I am an African American male serving a predominately Anglo congregation and sharing our facility with an Hispanic fellowship in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Wheat Ridge is a small community of 30,000, which is in transition and trying to find its identity. The Town of Wheat Ridge […]

Thank You

by Gloria Voorhees Thomas FUMC, Denton, TX Denton, Texas Thank you for taking up the torch. As a Christian Educator for 50 years, now retired, I have a long and enriching experience with the United Methodist Reporter. I edited an annual conference page for 2 years and local church editions for more years than I […]

Answering back on gay issue

In his letter (Reporter, March 1), the Rev. Al Milligan writes, “Everyone who has come into the world, without exception, is the result of a male and female union.” Does this mean he does not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus? He adds: “. . . but it is self-evident that the purpose of […]

More than ‘strangely warmed’

I have appreciated Dr. Donald Haynes’ good articles about John Wesley and our Methodist roots. I would like to add an insight to his reference about Wesley’s Aldersgate experience in the March 1 Reporter. Dr. Haynes reports, “After feeling his heart ‘strangely warmed,’ Wesley returned home to write the words we all have memorized about […]

Bishop is wrong on marriage stand

I am writing regarding the letter written by Bishop Sally Dyck to clergy and members of the Northern Illinois Conference expressing her support of same-sex marriage legislation (Reporter, Jan. 25). It is clear that the United Methodist Book of Discipline does not support her stance. Much more importantly, the Bible is clear on its view […]

Thoughts on disability and race taken wrongly

As the editor, and one of 25 authors for Speaking Out: Gifts of Ministering Undeterred by Disabilities, I feel called to reply to Lynda R. Byrd’s recent Letter to the Editor (Reporter, Jan. 18). It saddens me that she thought I said being black is an African-American person’s disability. In January 1970, as part of […]