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Constructive dialogue won’t happen by accident

As I read the evaluations, opinions, and comments upon General Conference 2012 by various UM bishops I am reminded of the importance of charity, humility, and attitude for constructive dialogue. The Rev. Charles Brockwell Fourth Avenue UMC Louisville, KY

Questions Bishop Bledsoe evaluation

  I find it incredible that four years ago the Rev. W. Earl Bledsoe was selected for the position of United Methodist Bishop and now the South Central Jurisdiction episcopacy committee wants to remove him as episcopal leader of the North Texas Conference. I would like to know the benchmarks used for this decision, and the committee members’ educational […]

We need easier access to Social Principles

I would like to respond to a comment in the article “Do we understand how the church works?” in the May 4 issue of the Reporter. In it the Rev. William B. Lawrence of Perkins School of Theology says, “Very few [UM] clergy find ways to teach the existence of the Social Principles, let alone what […]

The real crisis is within

This is in response to Sarah Howell’s essay “We Need ‘Call to Holiness’ More than Call to Action” (Reporter, April 13). I completely concur with Ms. Howell’s thoughts on the UMC’s “dark night of the soul.” I do believe, as Ms. Howell states, that when church members fear change, they fear “losing God,” as if […]

Treat young people with respect

In a recent General Conference supplement to The United Methodist Reporter three General Conference delegates were highlighted (“GC 2012 delegates already burning the midnight oil”). The first sentences, describing each of the three delegates, provides an interesting commentary on one of the challenges facing the United Methodist Church. The initial delegate described has a first-sentence […]

1972 Study Group report

It is surprising that in his letter to the editor John Lovelace (Reporter, April 6) credits the 25-member Study Group chaired by Bishop James S. Thomas for the words “We do not condone the practice of homosexuality . . .” etc., in the paragraph adopted at the 1972 General Conference. Bishop Melvin G. Talbert, who […]

Fluke story reveals the UMC is morally MIA

“UM student reacts to Limbaugh comment” (March 30 Reporter) presents a very one-sided look at the Sandra Fluke controversy. The question must be asked: “Where is the United Methodist Church in this issue?” The reference to Mr. Jim Winkler (top executive of the UMC Board of Church and Society) and his comments leaves us with a […]

UMC should take lead on tolerance

 I feel compelled to comment on the article by William McElvaney (March 2 Reporter) concerning the church’s stance toward homosexuality. The UM Social Principles are quoted as saying that “the United Methodist Church does not condone the practice of homosexuality and considers this practice incompatible with Christian teaching.” As a child of a Jewish mother […]