Aging Well

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Aging Well is a series of articles on ministry by and with senior adults, written by UMR Columnist Missy Buchanan.

Aging Well: An open letter about aging to my adult children

Editor’s Note: UMR Columnist Missy Buchanan sent the following letter to her three children as a means of helping them think about end-of-life issues. She offers it in the hope that all of us will consider writing their own letter about issues that we hesitate to think about, but which we all face. Dear kids, […]

Aging Well: What gifts can older adults give their adult children?

My parents had been selfless and generous, always planning ahead and making tough decisions with a spirit of grace, but I didn’t realize the full impact of their gift until years later after they were gone.

Aging Well: Take a hike! Bringing the generations together in the great outdoors.

Retired United Methodist minister Bob Hayes has a reason to smile. An eighth grade boy just called him one of the coolest men he’s ever met. It is an unlikely title given a man who is about to celebrate his 80th birthday. Actually though, it is not unusual for Bob to receive such accolades. He […]

Aging Well: Tiny church, huge heart

Step into the tiny Poetry United Methodist Church in rural northeast Texas on the first Wednesday of each month and at first glance you may think you’ve stumbled into Santa’s workshop. Sewing machines are humming. Joyful workers are chatting and laughing as they measure and cut, stuff and layer, pin and iron. But there are […]

Aging Well: The need for respite care

While scanning radio stations recently, I landed on a program that quickly caught my attention. A minister was talking about what it means to be a good steward of time. It got me to thinking specifically about how we choose to spend our second-half years when time is likely more plentiful than in our younger […]

Aging Well: Spiritual nourishment in older age

Not long ago I was doing some pre-spring cleaning and rediscovered the taped recordings of hours of conversation with my friend Lucimarian Roberts, the mother of Good Morning America anchor, Robin Roberts, for our book, My Story, My Song. My mind immediately drifted back to those afternoons of sitting with Lucimarian in her living room, […]

Aging Well: Helping aging boomers become sages

It’s probably an understatement to say that Eston Williams is fired up! The pastor of Aley United Methodist in Seven Points, Texas has 65 years of “life experiences,” as he likes to say, and has taken to social media, church conferences, phone calls and newsletters to try to change the way church leaders think about […]

Start strengthening older adult ministry in the new year!

The new year ushers in an opportunity for church leaders to take a fresh look at how their churches are engaged in ministry for and with older adults. It’s time that we think beyond monthly potluck luncheons and daytrips to ensure that that there’s a ministry plan involving older adults in every life stage, from […]

Aging Well: The Island of Misfit Toys

I just returned from a trip to see my grandsons, ages three and five. Like most preschoolers, they were getting very excited about Christmas. Each morning, they rushed to turn on the Christmas tree lights before opening their Advent calendar. Every time we sang “Away in a Manger,” the five year-old rearranged the characters in the nativity scene on […]

Aging Well: A tribute to a veteran and servant of God

Every Friday morning you can find ninety-three year-old Ed Frazier at the Helping Hands food pantry in his hometown of Rockwall, Texas.  The former Air Force pilot is on another mission in the late years of his life. Instead of flying a Thunderbolt or an F-86, he is organizing food donations so that area families […]