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New resource released to guide ministry with veterans

In preparation for the observance in the U.S. of Veteran’s Day on November 11, United Methodist Communications has released as a part of their RETHINK CHURCH initiative a new resource for congregations and church leaders.

KidMin Insights: Leadership Lessons from Home Depot

James obviously loved being a Home Depot employee. I could feel his enthusiasm and dedication, but I longed for more details. What made working in the “Home and Garden” department at Home Depot so special? What could I and the church learn from his experience?

A trinity of churches find connection their greatest ally

The Waples Memorial, Trinity, and Price Memorial United Methodist Churches of Denison, TX, recently joined together in a cooperative way to form a “trinity of churches.” Gary Carter of Waples Memorial UMC reports on the success of this creative ministry.

Aging Well: Life in the fourth quarter

I have never met 84 year-old Dede Casad in person, but judging from her book, The Fourth Quarter: The Hail Mary for Seniors, I imagine her to be a little like Judge Judy. Spunky, funny and no-nonsense. At least that is the tone of her new book which challenges the notion that retirees somehow deserve […]

Lewis Center offers free resource to help churches improve congregational giving

WASHINGTON, DC – To encourage the spiritual gift of giving, the Lewis Center for Church Leadership offers the free resourceWhy Giving Matters and Clues for Improving It. Hosted by Lewis Center Director Lovett H. Weems, Jr., this eight-minute video provides an overview of the importance of giving and offers practical ways to improve it. The […]

Aging Well: The value of intergenerational ministries

Recently, I was at an airport in North Carolina waiting to board a flight to Atlanta making a connection to Dallas. I had just made it through the security line when I received a text message from the airline announcing an hour-long delay. Taking  note of the new arrival time, I calculated that I would […]

KidMin Insights: As you plan for 2014: Say no to say yes

It’s summer time! That means summer camp, VBS season, summer servant teams, vacation—and ministry planning for the upcoming year.  Before opening our calendars, we already know the year is full. There are the programs and events we love to do, the programs and events we have to do, and the programs we do because we’ve […]

Aging Well — Supporting those in senior communities

Each Sunday morning before worship begins, I make the rounds to visit with older friends at church. Not long ago I hugged an older woman and asked about her upcoming week. After a brief pause, she forced a smile and told me that she was going to attend an Open House at a new senior […]

Aging Well: Refired not Retired!

  When the Rev. Fred Trevino retired in 1998 as Senior Pastor of Paradise Valley UMC, the largest church in the Desert Southwest Conference, he envisioned himself leisurely driving his new lawn tractor across the three-acre lawn of his wife’s family homestead in Brenham, Texas. He dreamed of lazy afternoons spent relaxing under the expansive […]

History of Hymns: Priest bases hymn on call to be ‘fishers of men’

Of his five hymns in the UM Hymnal, “Pescador de Hombres” (“Fisher of Men”), the original Spanish title, is the most popular and indeed, one of the more popular newer hymns in the hymnal. Written in 1979, “Tú has venido a la orilla” (the Spanish opening line) is based on the parallel passages found in the synoptic gospels on Jesus’ calling of his first disciples (Matthew 4:18-20; Mark 1:16-20; Luke 5:1-11).