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A Theology of Work (COMMENTARY)

I came to understand that part of my problem with work was the incessant need to prove something – in other words: to have, to do, to produce.

People and Things (COMMENTARY)

You have been given a chance to care, to think, to act, and to stand for that which is good—even when it may not be fashionable, perhaps especially when it is not fashionable.

Grace is the Best Incentive

Some months ago, I received repeated “invitations” to register college students for a church “leadership” event. As the sponsoring organization counted down days prior to the gathering, a boatload of “incentives” was offered. There were potential prizes for those who registered early, discounts, and even points for joining the online discussion during the weekend. So […]

Your sons and your daughters will prophesy (COMMENTARY)

Every now and again I read about someone who has “gone to glory” and wish I had known them in the here and now. Lee Anna Starr is one of those saints. I imagine she would have been a wise and spirited friend.

Human Trafficking is about People (COMMENTARY)

Human trafficking seems like such an immediate, obvious, and practical crisis. However, we will never really address the problem until we meditate on that crucial distinction between people and things.

The Social Principles Today and Tomorrow

The United Methodist Social Principles are entering a new era. Many hard-working church leaders are hosting a global conversation about these principles. How should they be re-framed and re-configured for the future?

Commentary: When Praise and Participation Embrace

Praise and participation belong together. They unite in a new reality. A social creed is not an agenda slipped into worship, and we are not to separate worship from action.

The World is Still our Parish

It is a cliché, at best, to say that The United Methodist Church faces a time of crisis. A great part of our difficulty revolves around institutional identity and how we should relate to the surrounding culture.

A Higher Law

The higher law tradition will always be something beyond the grasp of political fad and seasonal abusers of human rights. Thank God for that. I mean it. Thank God for that. This thread of political thinking is not held hostage to either reactionary right or trendy left.

Faith Lived Out: 2+2=4

During the Cold War, there was a joke that circulated among Polish lovers of freedom: Party Boss: “How much is 2 + 2?” Worker: “How much would you like it to be?” This grim humor reminded all that oppressive state power often claimed to define truth itself. When the Solidarity Movement began to resist communist […]