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Wesley Bros: Papa Don’t Preach

  Most of the history you read doesn’t bode favorably for John & Charles Wesley’s father, Samuel. In fact, Susanna is the one you always hear about. And rightfully so, she raised 10 children practically by herself. She lost 9 children at childbirth or in infancy, so on top of the grief, on top of […]

Law and Grace and History

Anymore, I believe very little that so-called experts try to tell me about the “millennial” generation. I appreciate what people say about themselves but not necessarily what acclaimed analysts tell me about someone else. There may be an irony in here somewhere. The young adults with whom I work as a chaplain and college professor […]

Wanted: Good Theology (COMMENTARY)

I opened a popular church publication last week and actually read an argument claiming that the widening gap in wealth among people is a good thing. My first instinct was to react from a social justice perspective, and that would not be incorrect. Yet further reflection moved me to conclude that such a claim is […]

Wesley Bros: Under Pressure

Click on image to download full screen… Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or the executive leader of your company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the demands of others.  People will bring you real and perceived needs, expecting you to fix it immediately.  I find that the more plates I have to spin, I start […]

Wesley Bros | Atonement Theories of Relativity

Most Christians can say, “Jesus died to save us from our sins,” but can’t really explain much more than that.  How does it all work?  How does one man’s death make people right with God?  Why didn’t God work it all out some other way?  This history of Christianity has involved quite a few different […]

We the People (COMMENTARY)

It has been quite a summer for human rights and human dignity. A very brutal summer, and a summer of hope. The Supreme Court has changed the way we talk about equality in America. A lost and murderous young man has broken our hearts in a Charleston Church. And that flag. It has been a […]

The Fabric of our Lives

This week, I was moved to mourning by news of racial terrorism against the AME Church in Charleston, SC. To learn than 9 of my brothers and sisters in Christ were killed for (what reports seem to indicate) no other reason than the color of their skin has led many of us to cry out, […]

A Theology of Work (COMMENTARY)

I came to understand that part of my problem with work was the incessant need to prove something – in other words: to have, to do, to produce.

Pressing On | Wesley Bros

It’s hard to make the ordination process-relational. So many candidates, so many bureaucratic decisions to be made, so few open appointments. Many people feel called to ministry and enter the giant machine known as the United Methodist ordination process. They are affirmed by their churches, and somehow make it through all the steps (including expensive […]

People and Things (COMMENTARY)

You have been given a chance to care, to think, to act, and to stand for that which is good—even when it may not be fashionable, perhaps especially when it is not fashionable.