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A Plea to Every UMC Leader: Elect the Next Generation

The statistics are in and they are as disappointing as they are predictable: the people most likely to be making decisions for the United Methodist Church are those who will spend the least amount of time living with the consequences. According to data from the GCFA, the delegates to the last General conference were overwhelmingly […]

No Proof God Exists (Lessons in Talking to Skeptics)

“If God exists, I want proof.” Almost as if reading a script from my past conversations with atheists and skeptics this person repeated this common question. What do you say? How do you react?

Sceptic Pastor: Bill Nye and the cancer that is killing the church

Regardless of what you believe about Evolution and the Book of Genesis, the recent debate between Bill Nye and Dr. Haim put on display that which is eating the church alive from the inside. It is not a lack of real Biblical scholarship. After all we have seminaries full of scholars publishing works across the […]

Skeptic Pastor: The gift of the Gospels that aren’t in the Bible

“Did you know that when Jesus was a kid, he made birds out of clay and brought them to life?” Well I think if you’re asking this question  you have either been reading the infancy gospel of Thomas or watching the History Channel’s special on the ‘forbidden gospels’! I remember asking something just like that […]

Christmas: a Pagan Holiday

You have likely heard this claim, and may have even seen a convincing Youtube video or two about the pagan roots of our holy season.  Though the video may get a lot of hits on youtube, many hits do not reliable history make. One of the claims in these videos sullies one of my children’s […]

Skeptic Pastor: Which Magic Words Get Me Into Heaven?

“Dude, you have to come to this play my church is doing.  Everyone is getting saved there!”  I can still remember the fervor in my friend’s voice as he invited me to go with him after youth group to a play about heaven and hell.  Ok, it was mostly about hell, but heaven was in […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Learning from those who don’t like us

John Wesley read more widely than almost any man of his time.  He was an acquaintance  of his contemporary, John Locke, the deist whose writing inspired James Madison and Thomas Jefferson’s “enlightened” view of humankind.  Locke, Adam Smith, David Hume, and Montesquieu of  France all rejected the Christian doctrine of original sin — yet Wesley […]

The Skeptic Pastor: Marketing or ministry?

The most disappointing thing about the hospital idea was that serving those people anonymously, caring for their souls and wiping their tears was great advertisement. It was great because it was lifting Jesus up.

Skeptic Pastor: Nostradamus vs. Revelation

One of the repeating sensational topics for “histotainment” channels like the History Channel to air are programs about prophecy and the end of the world.  Among those who are non-religious or nominally religious, the prophecies of Nostradamus and how they stack up to the Bible are interesting to say the least.  So, how do they […]

The Skeptic Pastor: The Church Needs Scientists

How can someone believe everything (including mankind) was really made in six days?  With the only ages for the universe that have any scientific consensus reaching into the billions of years, how on earth can anyone trust the Bible? I don’t think there are many Christians alive today who do not have to answer some […]