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Walden’s Words: Freedom Cost(s)

Many people are not aware of the expenditures of freedom placed on military personnel and their families within the United States of America (USA).  Many citizens of the USA, consider July 4th as just another holiday, a day off from work, or a reason to have a barbeque with family and friends.  To a much […]

Walden’s Words: Marching Forward

Marching is an old tradition.  Marching is often used to get a group of people moving forward in a desired destination.  It is important for military personnel to engage in coordinated movements.  Marching can be difficult for several reasons that can be related to the weather, terrain, out of sync participants, distance, tired feet, and […]

Walden’s Words: Celebrating Black History Month

Diversity is important.  Christians are a diverse group of people.  Christianity’s diversity includes various languages, belief systems, races, nationalities, and genders to name a few.  February is a time when many people in the United States of America (USA) place a special emphasis on celebrating Black History Month.  Black History Month remains relevant.  Black History […]

Walden’s Words: A new year, a new normal

A new year can bring new possibilities and new opportunities.  A new year can offer new ways of thinking, being, doing, and existing in the world. New Year resolutions can be effective, but too often people find themselves unwilling to let go of the familiar routine of eating, living, lack of physical activity, certain habits, […]

Walden’s Words: What are you giving?

Editor’s Note: UMR Columnist Ken Walden submitted this article for publication earlier in the month of December, however due to technical difficulties on our part we missed getting this up at the appropriate time. We apologize for the delay and hope that you will check out www.giveanhour.org.  Christmas is a time for giving.  It is […]

Walden’s Words: Thank You!

The month of November includes a major holiday when people display gratitude — Thanksgiving. Millions of people will gather with family, friends, and a good meal to share stories of thanks. Millions will also watch the National Football League (NFL) on television (TV). One of the best parts about watching the football game on TV […]

Walden’s Words: Costumes versus Uniforms

During the month of October millions of people acknowledge Halloween in unique ways.   This October 31st will most likely not be an exception to that rule, for I have seen a plethora of costumes for persons of all ages for sale in the stores.  As a child, some of my first costumes were of Superman […]

Walden’s Words: Team work makes a team work

Ken Walden unpacks the importance of the team for a successful ministry:
“In my civilian pastoral ministry, I understand how essential components interact together as it relates to leadership, followership, and delegation. All three should be applied and equally celebrated within a faith community. Congregational life should be a team effort at almost every level. I think the military does a good job in making clear distinctions in roles and responsibilities.”

Walden’s Words: Not a vacation for everyone

Military time is not the same as civilian time. Having served as an Air Force Chaplain Reservist for over a decade, I continue to enjoy this aspect of my life. It has been one of the best professional decisions in my pastoral ministry.  I served at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina, Selfridge Military […]