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Haynes: Who says Elephants can’t dance?

Of course, the divisive issue that we face now is whether to change the language of the Book of Discipline as related to homosexuality. In many local churches divisions over our acceptance or rejection of homosexuals could become a crippling blow. The General Conference’s discernment on the issue of sexuality has serious implications for our continued life together.

United Methodists need The United Methodist Reporter

In our time of emails, Facebook, and online news, all print media are in readership decline. Most are in financial straits. Most denominational bookstores, including the Cokesbury stores of The United Methodist Church, are closed or in fiscal jeopardy. Time honored periodicals like Newsweek and The Christian Century cannot exists solely by subscriptions and advertising; they […]

Haynes: The Tyranny of Self Righteousness

When I retired at age sixty-four rather than sixty-five, I was often asked, “why?” I usually referred to my forty-six years of service or that we had completed our retirement home, but seldom revealed the real reason. Actually, I retired because one layman came into chew me out for one illustration that he did not […]

Haynes: A Biblical analysis of homosexuality

Editor’s Note: For many years Dr. Donald Haynes was a regular and popular commentator for The United Methodist Reporter. While Dr. Haynes retired from regular writing, we recently submitted the following reflection as he wrestles in his mind with the conversations ahead of The United Methodist Church at the 2016 General Conference in Portland. We share […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: A Final Word of Thanks

Editor’s note: Last week Dr. Donald Haynes informed us his intention to end his service to UMR and the broader church through his Wesleyan Wisdom column. For 8 years we’ve been honored to feature valuable commentary by Dr. Haynes on life and practice in the UMC. We’ve especially appreciated the focus on learning from our […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Do Mr. Wesley’s Insights Help Our Divisiveness?

Dr. Don Haynes gives insight into how Wesley might approach todays divisive debate over homosexuality in the church.

Lessons to Be Learned from the 1844 “Plan of Separation”

The premise of this column, like the last one, is predicated on a wisdom saying of George Santyana, professor at Harvard:, “If we do not know history, we are condemned to repeat it.” we ignore our past to our chagrin and regret. Therefore, I ask you to see in our past the dynamics of our […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: The seeds and harvests of previous Methodist divisions (part 1)

Twice in recent columns I have asked us to see the horrific systemic sin in schism among the people called Methodists. Actually, there are four such instances, all regrettable and avoidable as we see them retrospectively. The O’Kellyite Christian Separation–1792 In 1792, James O’Kelly, presiding elder of southern Virginia made the following motion: “Resolved, that […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Dangerous road ahead! Proceed with caution.

I am an old man with far less tolerance for the arguments about social justice issues that might divide the church . . . a church I love and to which I have devoted sixty years of my professional life. Not only am I old and retired, I come from a family heritage that has […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Are we entering a “time of endings,” awaiting a new dawn?

“Weeping May Remain For the Night, but Rejoicing Comes With the Morning” (Psalm 30:5) Karl Barth was once asked his reaction of the amazing response to his book on Romans. He said that as a local Swiss pastor he felt like a man climbing inside a church tower and falling. As the man reached out […]