The Wesley Bros is a cartoon drawn by Charlie Baber featuring John and Charles Wesley, the founders of the Methodist movement. Charlie Baber is a Deacon in The United Methodist Church. He is a minister to youth and families, and loves leading worship. He studied religion and art at Gardner-Webb University, and totally mastered Divinity at Duke University!. :) You can find all of Charlie's comics at

Wesley Bros: Every General Conference ever…

I usually am a happier human and Christian when I ignore politics…both American and Methodist.  Richard Rohr, in a recent interview on The Liturgists podcast (listen here), mentioned that he was very impressed by Methodism because it didn’t produce “angry Christians.”  For the most part, he’s right.  We try to unite around a rich belief […]

Wesley Bros: Zwingli loves sausage

Lent is that weird season where Christians go on a diet.  Catholics and Orthodox give up meat (at least on Fridays), and High Church Protestants give up caffeine or booze or chocolate or social media.  One of my students this year gave up giving up stuff, meaning, he won’t be participating in the Lenten fast. […]

Wesley Bros: Old Jeffrey

Believe it or not, the childhood home of John Wesley was haunted by a specter the children named “Old Jeffrey.” While the three boys were all off at boarding schools, Susanna, the Wesley sisters, and the servants at the Epworth Rectory experienced one of the most famous poltergeist encounters in British history. It started with […]

Wesley Bros: Papa Don’t Preach

  Most of the history you read doesn’t bode favorably for John & Charles Wesley’s father, Samuel. In fact, Susanna is the one you always hear about. And rightfully so, she raised 10 children practically by herself. She lost 9 children at childbirth or in infancy, so on top of the grief, on top of […]

Wesley Bros: Under Pressure

Click on image to download full screen… Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or the executive leader of your company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the demands of others.  People will bring you real and perceived needs, expecting you to fix it immediately.  I find that the more plates I have to spin, I start […]

Wesley Bros | Atonement Theories of Relativity

Most Christians can say, “Jesus died to save us from our sins,” but can’t really explain much more than that.  How does it all work?  How does one man’s death make people right with God?  Why didn’t God work it all out some other way?  This history of Christianity has involved quite a few different […]

The Fabric of our Lives

This week, I was moved to mourning by news of racial terrorism against the AME Church in Charleston, SC. To learn than 9 of my brothers and sisters in Christ were killed for (what reports seem to indicate) no other reason than the color of their skin has led many of us to cry out, […]

Pressing On | Wesley Bros

It’s hard to make the ordination process-relational. So many candidates, so many bureaucratic decisions to be made, so few open appointments. Many people feel called to ministry and enter the giant machine known as the United Methodist ordination process. They are affirmed by their churches, and somehow make it through all the steps (including expensive […]

Wesley Bros: Holy Ghost Busters

When there’s something strange in your Bible verse…who you gonna call?  Everyone who reads the Bible is going to find something that bothers them.  Marcion was kind of the first Christian to just cut out all the stuff that bothered him.  Marcion edited his Playlist to really only include the letters of Paul, (and some […]

Wesley Bros: Asinine Assumptions

Charley Baber unpacks issues of race through thinking about our own Methodist story