The Wesley Bros is a cartoon drawn by Charlie Baber featuring John and Charles Wesley, the founders of the Methodist movement. Charlie Baber is a Deacon in The United Methodist Church. He is a minister to youth and families, and loves leading worship. He studied religion and art at Gardner-Webb University, and totally mastered Divinity at Duke University!. :) You can find all of Charlie's comics at

Wesley Bros: There is a name for these people

Click on image to view in full screen mode…. Mark Driscoll is pastor at Mars Hill in Seattle, WA, and has made quite a name for himself as a chauvinistic cussing hipster pastor that can beat up Jesus (because he won’t worship a wimp).  There are loads of Christians who still use scripture to silence […]

Wesley Bros: Super Wesley World

This is how salvation worked in Medieval Catholic theology…you do as many good works as you can, it will never be enough, but it will at least cut some time in purgatory, and Jesus will make up the difference. This is not actually how United Methodists (or Protestants in general) believe justification works.

Wesley Bros: Figure of Speech

Click on image to view in full screen…. I was at camp where people LITERALLY said the word ‘literally’ in every sentence. It was literally a thing. It literally drove me crazy. I literally am posting this from an asylum. It is literally impossible to type from a straight jacket. PS – “Literally” has been […]

Wesley Bros: What would Jesus tweet?

Click on image to view in full screen mode It’s a new day of relational ministry!  Social media!  Now I don’t have to actually minister to people in person!  I can build up networks that make me famous in certain blogging circles while also hoping that 5% of my congregation reads what I do so […]

Wesley Bros: Fetter Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

Click on image to view full screen he Moravian faith significantly impacted John and Charles Wesley’s personal faith as well as the theology of the Methodist movement.  Peter Bohler worked closely with John and then Charles for a few months.  He was a Moravian concerned with the Wesley Bros’ assurance of faith based solely on […]

Wesley Bros: Annual Conference Super Brawl

Click on image to view as full screen People are not always…charitable at Annual Conference meetings.  Church politics are inevitable because politics happen automatically whenever two or more are gathered.  There are plenty of personalities and opinions spoken loudly or passive aggressively, into the mic, or the neighbor’s ear, or tweeted.  John Wesley valued having […]

Wesley Bros: Up, up, and away

Clink on image to make full screen Happy overlooked and misunderstood Ascension Day!  One of three non-Sunday Holy Days John Wesley left on the calendar (along with Christmas and Good Friday), this is the celebration of the miraculous return of the resurrected Christ to glory in heaven. I had never even realized Ascension Day was […]

Wesley Bros: Docsferatu

Click on image to expand to full screen  I didn’t really understand health care to begin with, and now I just have no clue.  But thank God John Wesley wrote a book on basic health care so I know that healthy Christians go to bed at 9 PM and wake up at 4 AM, drink […]

Wesley Bros: Almost Famous

Click on image to display on full screen So I went to this Baptist college for undergrad, worked in a large Baptist church for a year, married a woman who had grown up Baptist, and have several very close friends who are Baptist or ex-Baptist. I owed it to this heritage to introduce Roger Williams […]

Wesley Bros: Reversing Seekers

Click on image to view full screen… Reversing “Seekers.”  Itinerant ministry is a “Sent” system, where pastors are sent by the Bishop to their ministry appointments.  This is different from a “Call” system, where pastors apply for the job and are voted in by the congregation.  Both systems have their pros and cons.  Sure, itineracy […]