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Commentary: Wait . . . or maybe not

The last days of the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon were filled with all sorts of emotions — with some feeling joy over the breadth of our common ministry, but others (both “progressive” and “traditionalist”) having a sense of unease that the General Conference had not definitively addressed issues around human sexuality. Instead, breaking past […]

Commentary: Goodnight Portland…

“The opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” So said Texas Tech sports information director Ralph Carpenter in the final moments of the Southwest Conference tournament finals as the Aggies were heading towards a tie. Well, I think the lady was height/weight proportional, but someone definitely sang to close out  the 2016 General Conference […]

Commentary: Rumors . . . truth or fiction?

Don’t be distracted or frightened by the rumors you hear in the land. Sometimes you hear one thing and another time something else: rumors of violence and uprisings. –Jeremiah 51:46  (CEB)– I have been hearing rumors about stuff happening at General Conference for a long time. After attending a General Conference or two one gets […]

Commentary: And are we yet alive?

Over the past couple of days we’ve spent some time ruminating on the continued lack of trust present at the 2016 General Conference. Of course, this lack of trust isn’t new. In fact, some have argued that Portland delegates have simply picked up where the Tampa delegates left off. The major issues are the same — […]

News Analysis: Ruminating on Rules

The Plan of Organization and Rules of Order as adopted at the opening session shall be published in the next Daily Christian Advocate.  -The Rules of the 2016 General Conference as adopted on 5/10/2016  It seems that simple, doesn’t it? The General Conference comes together and after a little conversation adopts an organizational plan and […]

Commentary: The hitchhiker’s guide to General Conference

  It’s the day before I leave for what will be my 7th General Conference (of the last 8) which means of course that it’s a day of preparation. The day will be spent packing, running errands, and making sure that everything is taken care of for a two week absence. I know I’m not […]

Gearing up for General Conference

If you follow The United Methodist Reporter these days, you have probably figured out that we have our good days and our bad days. There are times when we will have a flurry of content with stories that capture the interest of many. There are also other days (and even weeks) when not much is posted. The […]

What United Methodists believe about other religions and immigrants

Given the recent decisions  by various state governors to attempt to restrict immigrants being placed in their states, it might be good to be reminded about what The United Methodist Church teaches about the rights of religious minorities and immigrants: Please feel free to download the images below and share on social media if you […]

We really DO like conversation….

A few months back those of us who try to operate this thing called The United Methodist Reporter had a dilemma. We absolutely wanted to create a space for conversation on the stories we publish and on life in the United Methodist Church, but time and time again we found the comments here devolving into […]

If you can’t say something nice…

“Thumper, what did your father tell you?” It’s a scene that I think most of us remember from the movie Bambi. In Thumper’s case, he was a curious child simply commenting on the inability of the fawn to stand up straight. All he was doing was telling the truth as he perceived it. Why then does his […]