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Commentary: Can being “global” really work?

I’m beginning to wonder if the task before 864 delegates of General Conference is simply impossible. What I mean is that it may not be physically possible to sift through more than a thousand petitions in ten days. What makes it exponentially more difficult than ever before is the growing global nature of our church. […]

Commentary: And are we yet alive?

Over the past couple of days we’ve spent some time ruminating on the continued lack of trust present at the 2016 General Conference. Of course, this lack of trust isn’t new. In fact, some have argued that Portland delegates have simply picked up where the Tampa delegates left off. The major issues are the same — […]

News Analysis: Who is the “We” at General Conference?

“We are winning!” “We are losing.” Rev. Jason Valendy, reserve delegate to General Conference stood outside a legislative committee room. He had hoped to observe the election of officers inside, but seating space for non-members was limited, and fire marshals ordered him out of the space. One woman slipped out briefly, and as she came […]

News Analysis: Ruminating on Rules

The Plan of Organization and Rules of Order as adopted at the opening session shall be published in the next Daily Christian Advocate.  -The Rules of the 2016 General Conference as adopted on 5/10/2016  It seems that simple, doesn’t it? The General Conference comes together and after a little conversation adopts an organizational plan and […]

Are Africans Grown? A Response to Bishop Minerva Carcanó “Dealing with ‘Wounded’ United Methodist Church”

by Yoknyam Dabale* The proverbial wisdom of my ancestors the Yotti/Bali (Chamba) people of Middle-belt, Nigeria teaches us to, “Kiti da mang mpape” (look before you jump). The United Methodist Church just opened its 2016 general conference. This event brings together Methodists globally every four years to fellowship and assess the church’s mission in the […]

Commentary: The hitchhiker’s guide to General Conference

  It’s the day before I leave for what will be my 7th General Conference (of the last 8) which means of course that it’s a day of preparation. The day will be spent packing, running errands, and making sure that everything is taken care of for a two week absence. I know I’m not […]

Haynes: Who says Elephants can’t dance?

Of course, the divisive issue that we face now is whether to change the language of the Book of Discipline as related to homosexuality. In many local churches divisions over our acceptance or rejection of homosexuals could become a crippling blow. The General Conference’s discernment on the issue of sexuality has serious implications for our continued life together.

Commentary: Scripture and the Christian Moral Life

*by David Watson There’s a lively conversation taking place online about the best ways for Christians to interpret the Bible. In particular, I’ll point out recent posts by Adam Hamilton and Ben Witherington, both of whom are very fine thinkers and committed servants of the church. I’d like to weigh in on this discussion, specifically […]

Commentary: It’s time for the US church to become a central/regional conference.

*By Dr. Tim Bruster One of the proposals coming to the General Conference next month would create a Central Conference for the United States (CCUS). Every worldwide nature of the church study for the last six quadrennia has made a recommendation to create a central conference or regional conference for the US to deal with […]

Blest Be The Tie That Binds

*by Bishop Scott Jones During the last four months, I have had multiple invitations to break my vows. Many people have suggested that, in the name of protesting against perceived injustice, I should disobey the discipline of The United Methodist Church and violate the sacred promises I have made at two key points in my […]